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Restoring The American Dream Turning Into A Nightmare

Restoring the American dream may turn into a nightmare for the Republican Party as our "new" alt-white-house's jingoistic sloganeering begins to falter in the face of realpolitiks.
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UPDATED 08/21/2017
 Guardian (opinion), How the Republican party quietly does the bidding of white supremacists Russ Feingold and Reuters, Trump fires adviser Bannon and NYT, Bannon Mocks Colleagues and ‘Alt-Right’ in Interview

Well, we're a little closer to annulment3 of our Presidential Election of 2016, which has resulted in the national catastrophe to chaos called our "new" alt-white-house!

"...if you think they're going to give your country back without a fight you're sadly mistaken. Everyday, everyday it is going to be a fight and that is what I'm proudest about Donald Trump..."--Steve Bannon--
It would be helpful for our "new" alt-white-house to specifically articulate or describe what country it's fighting everyday to take back...and from whom...and for whom...and whether it's seeking to fight a second or new Civil War?

Our intrepid journalists must continue doing what they've done since the beginning of our nation. Unflinchingly document and publish the most current, complete, and exact record of our governments' behavior, whether reprehensible and repugnant (e.g. acting as cheerleader-in-chief for white supremacist and neo-Nazi rallies) or virtuous (e.g. support sequencing of the Human Genome).

...more rectum-ramblings from our "new" alt-white-house—its misinformation and disinformation campaign against our citizenry on full display in all its glory...

...don't forget to laugh...

More rectum-ramblings from our "new" alt-white-house, which is highly unlikely to help mitigate our nation's past or prepare for its future.

It seems useful to recall that the Republican Party has exploited, if not directly encouraged a southern white nationalist credo for many years and now finds it difficult to extract itself from their hurtful and harmful past.

Kudos to Merck et al.! One wonders why any of our corporations or citizens would associate or work with and aid2 our "new" alt-white-house in any way?

More rectum-ramblings from our "new" alt-white-house where "fire, fury, and feeblemindedness" trumps "locked, loaded, and loony"!

...don't forget to laugh...

Usually you distinguish between a pathological, compulsive, and sociopath liar, but when referring to our "new" alt-white-house you can use all three interchangeably. The congressional Republicans and others that refuse to call our "new" alt-white-house a liar may want to peruse this recently updated New York Times collection of lies since its swearing-in just 195 days ago and stop obsequiously deferring to a pathological, compulsive, and sociopath liar.

It's not clear how or why the Democrats (or the ubiquitous "they") could or would orchestrate the "witch hunt", "fake news", or "phony" Russia investigation in response to a lost election or to make them "feel better" or as an excuse or becasue they have "nothing else to talk about"? Here is some "real news", when you tired of the "fake news":

...don't forget to laugh...

It's likely our "new" alt-white-house and nation are on an inexorable collision course. The nation's recovery will dependent on correct and independent records documenting the collision path. A national commission can use theses facts to investigate, reconstruct, analyze, and recommend ways to avoid future collisions and carnage.

It would take a general and SEAL Team Six to avoid the stunning conflict, chaos, collusion, cover-up, and colossal collision course† of our "new" alt-white-house! Our national carnage will likely be unavoidably considerable.

† Congress should create a national commission to untangle the course and recommend changes. Our Congress's paralysis when confronted with our ignominious "new" alt-white-house is part of the national carnage.

Scaramucci will fit right in1 with the imploding Republican Party and our immolating "new" alt-white-house.

Hey, at least he wasn't addressing a Girl or Boy Scouts Jamboree and as Vice President Pence et al. might say ... at least you know where he stands!

...don't forget to laugh...

Our "new" alt-white-house never had a "fine-tuned machine". We can expect many more temper tantrums as the presidential-play-pen fills with sh!t and all but Vice President Pence et al. flee the scads of sh!t.
" of the great things about this president is you always know where you stand..." -Vice President Pence July 27, 2017 interview with Fox News--
"The Wall"
Americans are beginning to understand where they stand and the odor is overwhelmingly unpleasant and noxious.

It's unclear why the leaders of our nation have been exempt from mental health evaluation by responsible professionals? Coupled with comprehensive healthcare, which includes parity for mental health our leaders can seek treatment, become better leaders, and set an example for our nation in the 21st century.

What better way to educate and tell our citizenry about all aspects of beneficial mental health than real-time case study of our leaders? And what better way of changing our nation's punitive mental health model to a preventative one?

† American Psychoanalytic Association differs from the American Psychiatric Association, which continues to abide by an archaic and arbitrary rule depriving our citizenry of responsible evaluation of our leader's mental health. status.

After hearing the disturbing drivel from our unstable, unwell, and unfit "new" alt-white-house to the Boy Scouts gathered for their annual jamboree who could blame the Girl Scouts for seeking an injunction?

Those interested in understanding our unwell, unstable, and unfit "new" alt-white-house's baleful bearing will want to peruse the entire speech:


It is not clear that Scaramucci would have ever qualified for the financial divestiture benefit he requested. Our media is reporting that he had not received a financial divestiture benefit certificate, which are public documents.

...don't forget to laugh...

History informs us that some corporations will aid our "new" alt-white-house as the harm it ignores, incites, or inflicts intensifies:

Affirmatively staying on:

--General Motors, CEO Mary Barra (SP)

--Cleveland Clinic, CEO Toby Cosgrove (SP)

--JP Morgan Chase, CEO Jamie Dimon (SP)

--Wal-Mart, CEO Doug McMillon (SP)

--Boeing, CEO Dennis Muilenberg (MJ)

--Blackstone Group, CEO Stephen Schwarzman (SP)

--General Electric, former CEO Jack Welch (SP)

--Dell, CEO Michael Dell (MJ)

--Whirlpool, CEO Jeff Fettig (MJ)

--Johnson & Johnson, CEO Alex Gorsky (MJ)

--General Electric, CEO Jeff Immelt (MJ)

--Timken, CEO Rich Kyle

--Campbell Soup, CEO Denise Morrison (MJ)

--Alliance for American Manufacturing, CEO Scott Paul (MJ)

--Newell Brands, CEO Michael Polk (MJ)

--International Paper, CEO Mark Sutton (MJ)

--Corning, CEO Wendell Weeks (MJ)

No specific comment on plans:

--BlackRock, CEO Larry Fink (SP)

--BCG (Boston Consulting Group), CEO Rich Lesser (SP)

--Boeing, former CEO Jim McNerney (SP)

--Pepsico, CEO Indra Nooyi (SP)

--Global Infrastructure Partners, Chairman Adebayo Ogunlesi (SP)

--IBM, CEO Virginia Rometty (SP)

--Stanford University/Hoover Institution, Kevin Warsh, visiting fellow (SP)

--EY (Ernst & Young), CEO Mark Weinberger (SP)

--IHS Markit, Vice Chairman Daniel Yergin (SP)

--Dow Chemical, CEO Andrew Liveris (MJ)

--Nucor Corp., CEO John Ferriola (MJ)

--United Technologies, CEO Greg Hayes (MJ)

--Lockheed Martin, CEO Marillyn Hewson (MJ)

--Dana Inc., CEO Jim Kamsickas (MJ)

--3M, CEO Inge Thulin (MJ)

Retired from company and council:

--Ford Motor, former CEO Mark Fields (MJ)

--Arconic, former CEO Klaus Kleinfeld (MJ)

--U.S. Steel, former CEO Mario Longhi (MJ)

--Caterpillar, former CEO Doug Oberhelman (MJ)

​​​​​​​Assessing decision:

AFL-CIO, President Richard Trumka and Deputy Chief of Staff Thea Lee (MJ)

3. Impeachment is not a proper or exclusive remedy for a fraudulent election. It's possible for a political impeachment and conviction to precede a legal ruling, which annuls our Presidential Election of 2016.

Originally Published July 24, 2017; Last Updated August 21, 2017; Last Republished August 19, 2017:

Friday, August 18, 2017

Cyber Command Pursues Perfect Citizen

Originally Published August 17, 2010; Last Updated August 18, 2017; Last Republished August 18, 2017:

Cyber Command Pursues Perfect Citizen

UPDATED 12/05/2016 WH, Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, December 01, 2016, Report on Securing and Growing the Digital Economy

The commission make a number of recommendations and action items.

UPDATED 06/09/2016 NIST, The Stakeholders Have Spoken: NIST to Refine Cybersecurity Framework
UPDATED 11/03/2015 NSF, Cybersecurity: Tech, Tools, and Training
UPDATED 10/20/2015 NSF, Cybersecurity research looks to guard networks from 'insider threats'
UPDATED 07/03/2013 NIST, Draft Outline of Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure
UPDATED 09/28/2012 NSF, Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC)
UPDATED 09/07/2010 Networking and Information Technology Research and Development
UPDATED 09/07/2010 GAO, Cybersecurity: Key Challenges Need to Be Addressed to Improve Research and Development (pdf)
Wikipedia, United States Cyber Command


UPDATED 08/18/2017
WP, President Trump announces move to elevate Cyber Command
UPDATED 06/14/2017 Brookings, Cyber Threats and How the United States Should Prepare and OSD, Final Report of the Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Cyber Deterrence

UPDATED 05/23/2017 NYT, Watch Live: Mike Rogers, N.S.A. Director, Testifies

UPDATED 11/19/2016 WP, Pentagon and intelligence community chiefs have urged Obama to remove the head of the NSA
UPDATED 10/27/2016 Navy, USNA Breaks Ground at New Cyber Security Studies Center to Prepare Future Navy Cyber Warriors
UPDATED 09/23/2016 Quanta, Hacker-Proof Code Confirmed and DARPA, High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS) and 2016 CyLab Partners Conference
"...HACMS will produce a set of publicly available tools integrated into a high-assurance software workbench, which will be widely distributed for use in both the commercial and defense software sectors..."
and CSIS, Deepening U.S.-Australia Cyber Security Cooperation

UPDATED 07/27/2016 CSIS, Webcast Live: Hacking the Skills Shortage (also, NIST, National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework
UPDATED 06/14/2016 Reuters, U.S. sees progress in latest cyber talks with China
UPDATED 02/19/2016 WEST 2016, Panel, Information Warfare: Identifying the Gaps and Seams in Cyber Security and NIST, Cybersecurity “Rosetta Stone” Celebrates Two Years of Success

UPDATED 02/11/2016 WH, The President Meets with his National Security and Cybersecurity Advisors

UPDATED 10/19/2015 NYT, Cybersecurity Firm Says Chinese Hackers Keep Attacking U.S. Companies
UPDATED 09/14/2015 Wired, We’re at Cyberwar: A Global Guide to Nation-State Digital Attacks
UPDATED 08/31/2015 WP, U.S. developing sanctions against China over cyberthefts

...and working to develop international protocols for incorporation into international agreements—no counterattack necessary—just an invoice and current account offset.

UPDATED 08/14/2015 UCTV, The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex
UPDATED 07/09/2015 CFR, Strategic Risks of Ambiguity in Cyberspace
UPDATED 07/07/2015 Guardian, Hacking Team hacked: firm sold spying tools to repressive regimes, documents claim and Reuters, Surveillance software maker Hacking Team gets taste of its own medicine and WP, U.S. firm helped the spyware industry build a potent digital weapon for sale overseas and SonS, Hacking Team Is Hacked (includes mirror to leaked documents)  and CL, Open letter to Hacking Team

UPDATED 02/13/2014 WH, Launch of the Cybersecurity Framework
UPDATED 01/31/2014 NYT, N.S.A. Choice Is Navy Expert on Cyberwar and NavyMil, Navy Short Bio Vice Admiral Michael S. Rogers

UPDATED 07/03/2013 MoJo, Why the Story on Snowden and the NSA Doesn't Add Up

The President's comment that he won't be "scrambling military jets to go after a 29-year-old hacker" is interesting in the context of this article.

UPDATED 06/09/2013 Guardian, Obama orders US to draw up overseas target list for cyber-attacks
UPDATED 06/02/2013 NYT, U.S. and China Agree to Hold Regular Talks on Hacking

Unsupported hyperbolic statements by well-meaning Chinese and American generals are distinctly unhelpful and unlikely to motivate an improved bilateral relationship.

UPDATED 03/20/2013 DiscoveryNews, Teens Prepare for Cyberwar
UPDATED 03/12/2013 Time, Hack Attack: China and the U.S. Trade Barbs on Cyberwarfare

UPDATED 01/28/2013 NYT, Pentagon Expanding Cybersecurity Force to Protect Networks Against Attacks
UPDATED 11/14/2012 WP, Obama signs secret directive to help thwart cyberattacks

Classified cybersecurity directive 20 must be publicly published in its entirety—if cybersecurity directive 20 cannot be immediately published in its entirety those asserting its classification must immediately publicly publish a "sanitized version" pending public disclosure of cybersecurity directive 20 in its entirety. (UPDATED 07/03/2013 above Guardian article on Snowden leaks: Obama orders US to draw up overseas target list for cyber-attacks)

UPDATED 10/29/2010 SFGate, Napolitano: Military to aid civilian cybersecurity.

It will be useful to formally rely on laws and published policies and procedures that guarantee protection against infringement of our civil rights.

San Francisco Housing Homeless

Originally Published April 24, 2014; Last Updated August 18, 2017; Last Republished August 18, 2017:

San Francisco has discovered that ending homelessness begins with housing1—unsurprisingly, the homeless may travel multiple pathways when participating in our civil society structures.

San Francisco may next discover that solutions to homelessness cannot be grafted onto our non-economic systems, but must be directly integrated within our economic system2.


UPDATED 12/12/2015 CRS, Chronic Homelessness: Background, Research, and Outcome (courtesy of FAS)

As we begin to understand and solve systemic homelessness it will be important to frequently remind ourselves and others that "prayer" is not a plan or substitute for allocation of necessary and sufficient resources.


UPDATED 08/18/2017 SFPublic, Home Street Home
UPDATED 12/12/2016 SFExaminer, Mayor, judge clash over enforcement of quality-of-life citations

Does this represent a too long retarded and reluctant realization among some in our judiciary that they've become an aggravating part of our growing homelessness problem or simple parsimony priority during budget pressures?

As Mayor Lee's misconstrued and misapprehending response to San Francisco's Superior Court, Presiding Judge John Kennedy Stewart's refusal to issue new and dismissal of existing quality of life warrants indicates, some leaders will not easily cease attempting to coerce "solutions" to our civil society problems, however ineffective and otiose.

UPDATED 11/19/2016 SFChron, In a wealthy SF neighborhood, residents fight low-income housing

A diverse capitalist nation requires both policy and incentives. Whether prejudice leads or lags housing prices it's highly probable there is a price point set at which all or most prejudice dissipates?

UPDATED 11/14/2016 WH, The White House’s Veterans Homelessness Summit

A cloud of myths has animates our nation's many misbegotten responses to homelessness. Our President and First Lady's leadership has enabled our nation to begin to penetrate this cloud and make sure our homeless citizenry are permanently housed.

UPDATED 10/18/2016 UnivRichmond, Mapping Inequality Redlining in New Deal America, San Francisco

Too often past responses to perceived problems are prologue to solving the problems tomorrow.

UPDATED 08/09/2016 SFExaminer, Safe SROs are vital to SF’s low-income housing option and SFDPH, Draft Single Room Occupancy Hotels in San Francisco A Health Impact Assessment – Executive Summary 2016 and SFDPH, Improving theHealth of Residentsin SRO Hotels Final Power Point Slide Aug 2016  and SFDHP, Strategies to Improve Food Security Among “Single” Residents of San Francisco’s SROs Mar 2016 and SFDPH, Improving Health in SROs Health Impact Assessment 2014

UPDATED 12/21/2015 CSM, An end to homelessness: Cities take on 'impossible' challenge

UPDATED 08/29/2015 SFChron, Combatting homelessness requires making tough choices
If you're plan is to "combat" homelessness your plan has failed before it has begun.

UPDATED 07/11/2015 Atlantic, The Best Way to End Homelessness Includes links to demographic data. 

UPDATED 06/27/2015 SC, SC, Texas Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project, Inc. (slip opinion pdf)

The eventual positive impact on our civil society of this case will likely equal or exceed those of King v. Burwell or Obergefell v. Hodges , which are both currently and justifiably the focus of much celebration.

UPDATED 04/04/2015 SFExaminer, Jailing the Homeless Perpetuates Problem

It not only perpetuates the problem, it exacerbates and demonstrates a gross ignorance of the problem.

Eventually, our nation will ensure every citizen-resident is habitabily housed, regardless of their inability to pay or reason for homelessness, but evidently not until we've tried every other alternative, regardless of how inefficient, ineffective, inane, or inhumane!

UPDATED 01/15/2015 SFExaminer, Ed Lee to put focus on housing in State of the City address

Ensuring each citizen-resident has continuous access to habitable housing is not a "below market" exercise—it's an "all market" exercise.

The idea that any of our citizenry is homeless because they queue on an arbitrarily "below market" segment of an arbitrary housing market gradient seems absurd, at best.

Any homeless citizen-resident is a housing market failure—calling it a "below market" housing failure does not eliminate or excuse that failure.

UPDATED 12/27/2014 OutbreakToday, San Francisco Reports Spike in Shigella Infection, Homeless Hit Especially Hard

Just another reason, from a developing long list of reasons to ensure each and every one of our citizen-residents has continuous access to sustainable shelter, healthcare, nutrition, and education.

It's shocking that we have so long tolerated and many times proudly praise economic schemes4 incapable of ensuring each and every one of our citizen-residents has continuous access to sustainable shelter, healthcare, nutrition, and education.

UPDATED 12/18/2014 SFExaminer, Nonprofit Offers Expanded Shelter Resources to Homeless Families during Winter

A waiting list for any "emergency shelter" or service is by definition not an "emergency shelter" or service. At best is a non-responsive system to a fundamental need and requirement of our citizens and residents—at worst it is a grossly negligent and indifferent system to all their fundamental needs and requirements.

Unfortunately, it has become fashionable to publish "homelessness stories" during our holiday season then return to business as usual for the remainder of the year, which generally includes enormous "waiting lists" and "queues" for sporadic access to even the most basic and fundamental of human needs such as shelter, healthcare, nutrition, and education.

Our civil society objectives should not be to make access to these basic human services so ineffective, inefficient, painful, miserly or minimal that collecting bottles, aluminum cans and coding to arbitrage or auction public parking become or qualify as career or growth opportunities, by comparison!

UPDATED 11/17/2014 UPI, President Obama wants to end homelessness by the year 2020 and NCFH, Child Homelessness:America’s Youngest Outcasts (report pdf)

It will take until 2020 just to eliminate all the myths successive governments and some citizens perpetuate about homelessness, typically in an effort to do little or nothing to eradicate it.

Perhaps our President intends to ignore all the mythology, proceeding directly to eradicate the homelessness scourge from our nation—one-fourth of the minimum required of any “exceptional” nation (the other three-fourths being citizenry’s continuous access to nutrition, healthcare and education)!

UPDATED 04/24/2014  KQED Forum, Is San Francisco Effectively Fighting Homelessness?

It's fantastic that discussions on homelessness are beginning to occur more frequently.

Instead of directly integrating homelessness into our economic system, homelessness is treated as an unexpected aberration or defect that surprises and shocks our economic system.3

Homelessness is then grafted onto a hodge-podge of non-economic systems where ephemeral strategies are abundant and solutions more rare than winning a lottery.

SFGate Blog,  No longer homeless, but they act that way


1. Before saying "duh" consider that most American cities are decades away from making this discovery, if they ever do—it's difficult to discover solutions to a problem you're busy hiding, denying, ignoring or shifting. The logic is deceptively simple and incorrect; homelessness is inconsistent with the expectations of our economic system.

2. Typically, many putative solutions to homelessness have presumed an individual has some moral defect (why else would they be homeless) that requires correction before that individual is redeemed and partially "reintegrated" into civil society. Unsurprisingly religion and churches have played a primary and dominant, if ineffective role in "reintegrating" our homeless.

Integrating solutions to homelessness directly within our economic system does not presume any moral defect or depend on any religion or church. Of course some individuals' pathway may involve religions and churches, but their participation in our civil society structures must not be constrained by any religion or church.

3. It seems bizarre that an advanced economy would depend on the luck of lottery or arbitrary self interested generosity to ensure all their citizenry have continuous and unconditional access to basic nutrition, shelter, healthcare and education.

4. Until the economic schemes unwind and all prior praise morphs in to vociferous condemnation amid protestations that the schema was too complex to understand. It's unclear why schema, which are too complex to understand are not simultaneously too complex to proceed?

Politicians Worldwide Pursue Censorship

Originally Published September 10, 2012; Last Updated August 21, 2017; Last Republished August 18, 2017:

Politicians worldwide must pursue transparent governance and continuous campaigns to reduce corruption instead of censorship—kudos to Indian cartoonist Aseem Trivedi who must be immediately released from jail and permitted to non-violently express dissent as he sees fit.

India's strategy of arresting dissidents for sedition has a long history of failure—failing in our nation when dissidents were arrested, jailed and prosecuted under our Alien and Sedition Acts of 1789.
Cartoons Against Corruption


UPDATED 08/21/2017 Telegraph, Cambridge University Press reverses China self-censorship decision and Reuters, UK publisher pulls scholarly articles from China website at Beijing's request and NYT, Cambridge University Press Removes Academic Articles on Chinese Site (The China Quarterly)
UPDATED 07/31/2017 BBC, Putin Bans VPNs In Web Browsing Crackdown and Engadget, Apple pulls VPN apps following China crackdown (update: statement)
UPDATED 05/02/2017 BBC, China to Launch Wikipedia Rival in 2018 Does a state encyclopedia compete with a public one like fake news competes with real? Admittedly, one could think of many less beneficial ways to employee 20K people.

UPDATED 01/18/2017 CJR, An Open Letter to Trump from the US Press Corps

It seems useful to remind the prospective president of the United States that he's a temporary guest in our White House. He would do well to respect our Constitution, customary practices, and the cherished status given our First Amendment.

Perhaps we can "relocate" move the prospective president of the United States to a tent on the White House lawn as a teachable moment of American constitutional priorities.

UPDATED 11/08/2016 WilsonCenter, Protecting Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law in the Age of Terrorism

The Recep Tayyip Erdoğan government has become an embarrassment for Turkey, European Union, and NATO.

UPDATED 10/17/2016 TED, We can fight terror without sacrificing our rights

No Nations' government, individually or jointly will defeat terrorism with censorship.

UPDATED 09/16/2016 SecrecyNews, FAS Website Blocked by US Cyber Command, Then Unblocked
UPDATED 05/20/2016 PCWorld, U.S. says proposed Chinese regulations may fragment the Internet and HarvardUniv, How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument

All politicians will forever try and fail to control "the message"—China and the 50¢ party (五毛党), Turkey, North Korea, Egypt, Iran, Israel, United States, Britain, Singapore [substitute your favorite repressive or not so repressive government] et al. will also fail.

UPDATED 02/22/2016 FP, China’s New Age of Fear
UPDATED 12/29/2015 CCTV,  President Xi Jinping delivers a keynote speech at 2015 World Internet Conference and WP, China’s Xi tells grumbling party cadres: ‘Don’t talk back’

Our government has nothing on China when it comes to flowery speeches, which drastically deviate from behavior when it comes to establishing, maintaining, and governing an open uncensored Internet.

UPDATED 01/24/2014 ICIJ, Leaked Records Reveal Offshore Holdings of China’s Elite and China - China censors reports about elite's hidden funds and CDT, ICIJ Discloses 37,000+ Names of Offshore Clients

Suppose that stability (or harmony) requires governance by consensus, an informed citizenry and a transparent government.

Opaque governments implicitly suppose stability (or harmony) requires censorship and secrecy, often blaming transparency and others for any eventual instability that invariably ensues.

Government leaders (or surrogates) secretly and opaquely sending large sums of money out of their country seems like indicia of instability. Subsequent censorship of information disclosing such secret transfers coupled with military aggression, exaggerated nationalism and repression of dissidents seems like a baleful omen of an accelerating instability.

Ironically, increasing the instability, which censorship and secrecy seeks to avoid!

UPDATED 12/11/2013  BBC, Will China expel foreign journalists?

A global citizen's rights to open, transparent, and coercion-censorship-corruption-free government must be universally established, maintain and protected. These minimum universal rights must inalienably attach to each citizen of all nations and governments.

ReutersIndia, Cartoonist arrest revives free-speech debate in India
LighthouseInsights, Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi Arrested: A Mockery Of Democracy