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Alt-White-House More Than Illegitimate It's Violating Our Constituti

Our “new” alt-white-house is more than illegitimate2 it's violating our Constitution, so says lawsuit, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Plaintiff v. Donald J. Trump in His Official Capacity as The President of the United States of America, filed by CREW.
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Constitute Project


UPDATED 03/28/2017 Hill, Top House Intel Dem: Nunes Should Recuse Himself and CBSNews, Rep. Nunes Won't Recuse Himself from Russia Investigation

Alt-white-house propagandist cum provocateur and possible co-conspirator Devan Nunes is Exhibit B for immediately appointing a Special Prosecutor to investigate Russia et al.'s interference and possible cover-up in the Presidential Election 2016, regardless of Nunes' recusal or resignation.

Congress must focus on running our nation, to the extent that is possible given current circumstances.

UPDATED 03/27/2017 Atlantic, Rewriting the Rules of Presidential Successionand Atlantic, The Ever-Deepening Mystery of Devin Nunes8 and The Final Report: Watergate (National Geographic)

The current investigation of our "new" alt-white-house is more complex than the 1972 Watergate caper. However, Watergate can remind us of the roll patience persistence plays when investigating powerful politicians, particularly the professional paranoid, dishonest, and serial lying politicos.

UPDATED 03/24/2017 CSPAN2, Representative Schiff on Russian Election Interference

Mr. Schiff (D-CA) has called for an independent commission to investigate Russia interference in the Presidential Election 2016 after Chair Devin Nunes' (R-CA) shared data from an exclusive intelligence briefing with our "new" alt-white-house before other committee members.

Ranking member Schiff need not await the irregular behavior of Chairman Nunes before establishing an independent commission to thoroughly investigate Russia's interference in the Presidential Election 2016.

UPDATED 03/22/2017 AP, AP EXCLUSIVE: MANAFORT HAD PLAN TO BENEFIT PUTIN GOVERNMENT and PravdaReport, Tillerson goes to Moscow instead of NATO summit and Reuters, Exclusive: Tillerson plans to skip NATO meeting, visit Russia in April - sources (FUD or Fake News?) and FP, Here’s The Newest Batch of Russia Scandals Embroiling Trump’s Ex-Campaign Chair and NYT, Paul Manafort, Former Trump Campaign Chief, Faces New Allegations in Ukraine

How long before the counter-intelligence investigation morphs into a criminal investigation?; appointment of special prosecutor?; and the naming of "new" alt-white-house indicted and unindicted co-conspirators?


Befuddled supports of our "new" alt-white-house have tentatively interpreted its latest rectum-rambling as "who man a fort" while reminding everybody of all its accomplishments after just 60 days!

UPDATED 03/19/2017 LAT, Sen. Dianne Feinstein Holds Impromptu Q&A With Activists Gathered to Protest Outside Her L.A. Fundraiser

Congress (or Judiciary) is not required to save voters from our "new" alt-white-house or its shockingly persistent recklessness and proctodynia rectalgia ramblings.

The California senior senator's observations that our "new" alt-white-house " going to get himself out..." is likely prescient. Or as some might say, when your head is that far up your rectum, asphyxiation is likely!

Although, it will benefit our nation et al. if California's senior senator and others begin building a rhetorical wall around our "new" alt-white-house. When it "goes" the experience will unlikely be de rigueur or pleasant for our nation et al. and citizenry.

Former Speaker Pelosi begins construction of the rhetorical-wall around our "new" alt-white-house by demanding an apology to the American people for its persistent recklessness and outrageous rectum-ramblings.

Transcript, Meet The Press 03-19-17, "This Sunday, credibility crisis. President Trump's unapologetic defense of his unsubstantiated claims."--Chuck Todd--

UPDATED 03/09/2017 NYT, E.P.A. Head Stacks Agency With Climate Change Skeptics and NYT, E.P.A. Chief Doubts Consensus View of Climate Change and APArchives, EPA Chief Aims to 'Reign In' Regulatory State and Reuters, EPA chief says Congress should weigh whether carbon dioxide is a pollutant and NPR, EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Questions Basic Facts About Climate Change  

...more rectum-ramblings from our "new" alt-white-house...mindlessly chanting dogma will not maintain future environmental progress...


A democracy without "managed liberty" is a prequel to an authoritarian dictatorship, which will always profess it's remaking the nation great again!

UPDATED 03/06/2017 Atlantic, The White House Declines to Substantiate Trump's Wiretapping Claims and WSJ, Trump, Without Evidence, Accuses Obama of Wiretapping Him and WP, The Daily 202: Wiretapping allegations accomplished what Trump wanted – but may backfire bigly and Reuters, No evidence of Trump's Obama wiretap claim, Republican lawmaker says and ABCNews, Trump Wiretapping Claims: White House Reacts and WP, Why does Trump think his phones were tapped? An investigation. and 'This Week' Transcript 3-5-17: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Josh Earnest, and Sen. Al Franken and MSNBC, 'No Impulse Control': President Donald Trump's Focus On The Short Game

On day 45 our "new" alt-white-house's figurative anal sphincter has further constricted the oxygen supply flowing to its "so-called" brains. Professionals have inserted oxygen tubing while they work to lessen the anal sphincter's increasing constriction. Life support equipment is on standby while supporters of our "new" alt-white-house continue to interpret all its rectum-ramblings...


... and an increasingly outraged media trying to understand the implications for America and our citizenry of our "new" alt-white-house's rectum-ramblings...


...but, don't forget to laugh; John Oliver Blasts Donald Trump's Wiretap Claim As “Stupid Watergate” !! ... The official slogan should be "He's the President of the United States, Laugh Now!"6...

UPDATED 03/04/2017 NewYorker Satire, Borowitz, Trump Orders All White House Phones Covered in Tin Foil and BBC, Trump Accuses Obama of Tapping his Phone and NYT, Trump, Offering No Evidence, Says Obama Tapped His Phones and Wired (couldn't resist), If the Feds Did Wiretap Trump Tower, It’s Not Obama Who Should Worry

Our "new" alt-white-house asks the United States Attorney General if "separation of powers" is "legal" and pleads with Russian hackers to step up search of archives for any relevant FISA Court wiretapping warrants7.

On its 43rd day our "new" alt-white-house issues a proclamation blaming former President Obama for everything, which is not the fault of Hillary Clinton and declares America great, once again! Reminding supporters of all its accomplishment after just 43 days!

It seems so unfair that our "new" alt-white-house can so effortlessly and beautifully satirize itself!

UPDATED 03/03/2017 NYT, Sticking With Trump, Republicans Resist Calls for Wider Russia Inquiry and WP, Top Republican says special prosecutor should investigate Russian meddling in Trump’s election

It's not clear whether the majority members on our congressional intelligence committees are more interested in limiting any inquiry and damage control or conducting an in-depth investigation into Russia's 2016 Presidential Election meddling?


NYT, Jeff Sessions Needs to Go and NYT, Key G.O.P. Lawmakers Say Jeff Sessions Should Recuse Himself From Russia Inquiry and WP, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will recuse himself from any probe related to 2016 presidential campaign

In the alt-reality of our "new" alt-white-house Sessions' possible participation in a criminal conspiracy to influence our 2016 Presidential Election, uniquely qualifies him to investigate it.

...and misleading Congress or worse during his confirmation hearing for United States attorney general about his contacts with the Russian government during the 2016 Presidential Election makes him especially "well qualified" to serve as attorney general in our "new" alt-white-house government.

It seems unfair that our "new" alt-white-house can so effortlessly and beautifully satirize itself!

...and...and...Sessions has just recuse himself. Sessions is already half way out the door of the office of the United States attorney general and our "new" alt-white-house has expressed "full confidence" in Sessions.

UPDATED 02/23/2017 Vox, A Timeline of the 3 Trump-Russia Scandals

UPDATED 02/22/2017 Ted, Nationalism vs. Globalism: the New Political Divide | Yuval Noah Harari

"...fake news have [sic] been with us for thousands of years, just think of the Bible..."

It's not necessary or even desirable to comprehensively understand and define a problem(s) before acting to mitigate or end it.
UPDATED 02/21/2017 NYT, A Back-Channel Plan for Ukraine and Russia, Courtesy of Trump Associates and BloombergView, WHITE HOUSE Trump Can't Seem to Shake Those Russia Problems One suspects we ain't seen nothing yet!?

UPDATED 02/18/2017 AP, AP Exclusive: DHS weighed Nat Guard for immigration roundups and DocCloud, Trump National Guard Draft Memo and BBC, 'Enemies of the people': Trump remark echoes history's worst tyrants

Hey Congress et al., how we doing on the inquires, processes, and procedures required to "repeal and replace"... our "new" alt-white-house?

UPDATED 02/17/2017 AP, Trump says White House 'fine-tuned machine,' Despite Turmoil and NYT, President Donald Trump Holds Press Conference | The New York Times and Bloomberg, Varoufakis Finds Trump's Economic Policy 'Incoherent'

Volkswagen must have written the software that reports our "new" alt-white-house "is running like a fine tuned machine"! Unfortunately, the damage inflicted by our "new" alt-white-house will likely exceed $18-20 billion by a large margin.

"Fine Tuned Machine" Comment Starts @ ~ 11:29
Written Transcript Courtesy BBC

It's not just the economic policies of our "new alt-white-house, which are incoherent. The entire administration is demonstrating a disjointed incapacity to formulate any coherent policy!

UPDATED 02/16/2017 Reuters, U.S. lawmakers Push for Answers on Trump Team's Russia Ties and  UPDATED 02/15/2017 NYT, Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence

A legal inquiry into annulling the 2016 Presidential Election should go ahead in parallel with all senate and special inquiries into illegal Presidential 2016 election electioneering.

Does a presidential candidate winning the popular vote obviate the need to rerun the 2016 Presidential Election? Or invoke the 12th Amendment? Or involve the House and Senate? (i.e. a presidential candidate winning the popular vote is the 45th president of the United States of America)?

UPDATED 02/16/2017 Time, Inside Donald Trump's White House Chaos and UPDATED 02/11/2017 Time, Legal Scholars: Why Congress Should Impeach Donald Trump

After just 23 days5 our "new" alt-white-house's figurative anal sphincter is cutting off the oxygen supply to its "so-called" brains. The crash cart is rolling in response to a code blue and life support equipment is on standby if required to keep the corpse alive while supporters decide whether to pull the plug.



UPDATED 02/02/2017 Mirror, Donald Trump threatens to "straighten out" the world in chilling speech to religious leaders

Our “new” alt-white-house tells our citizenry not to worry about "tough phone calls with foreign leader, as global tensions escalate.

“When you hear about the tough phone conversations I’m having, don’t worry about it. Just don’t worry about it. They’re tough. We have to be tough. It’s time we’re gonna be a little tough, folks.” --FT, 02/02/2017--

The “new” alt-white-house's Jim Jonesesque speech at this morning's National Prayer Breakfast is truly disquieting:

Huh..., can we begin impeachment proceedings now (a nascent effort) or must we await the shame, embarrassment, and damage to accumulate beyond repair?

Even the billionaire's are beginning to feel a chill:

UPDATED 02/02/2017 Atlantic, Scientists Open Their Labs to Colleagues Stranded by Trump’s Immigration Ban

UPDATED 01/30/2017 HooverInstitute, Trump’s Immigration Insanity and Brookings, Why Trump’s policies will increase terrorism—and why Trump might benefit as a result

UPDATED 01/29/2017 UPDATED 02/04/2017 ACLU, Darweesh v. Trump, Decision and Order (granting injunction) Hill, ACLU Sues White House Over Immigration Ban and ACLU, ACLU and Other Groups Challenge Trump Immigration Ban After Refugees Detained at Airports Following Executive Order and United States District Court for The Eastern District Of New York and Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus and Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief and Reuters, Trump Immigrant Curbs Cause Chaos, Panic, Anger Worldwide and Reuters, Iran Says to Ban U.S. Visitors in Retaliation to Trump Move and BBC, Trump Executive Order Prompts Google to Recall Staff1

Is our "new" alt-white-house already portending or pretending a clownish authoritarianism and admixture of delusional totalitarianism?

Huh..., can we begin impeachment proceedings now (a nascent effort) or must we await the shame, embarrassment, and damage to accumulate beyond repair?

NYT, Borders Reopen to Banned Visa Holders; Trump Attacks Judge and Hill, Bush-appointed Judge Halts Trump Travel Ban Nationwide and MoJo, Donald Trump Just Attacked Another Judge and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, State of Washington & State of Minnesota v. Trump C17-0141JLR and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judges in Order of Seniority and UPDATED 02/07/2017 Ninth Circuit, Order Regarding Live Streaming of the Oral Argument and UPDATED 02/09/2017 Ninth Circuit, Published Order Denying Stay

Teleconference Oral Arguments schedule @ 3PM Feb 07, 2017 and Hilarious SNL Skit

Who would have predicted that our "new" alt-white-house could and would both belittle or praise our federal judges depending on their implementation of its pogrom program?

UPDATED 01/24/2017 WSJ, Trump and the New Era of Trade Policy
How will practices, which:
  • isolate; or 
  • withdraw; or 
  • bully businesses3
  • or strong-arm allies; 
  • or distort comparative advantages; or 
  • reverse technological frontiers; or 
  • threaten "gunboat diplomacy"
enhance America's leadership1?

UPDATED 01/23/2017 Reuters, PRESS DIGEST - Wall Street Journal - Jan 23 and NYT, Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates

"Counter-intelligence agents have investigated communications that President Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn had with Russian officials."

Wow, does this mean our “new” alt-white-house will have to borrow Chancellor Merkel's mobile if it wants any privacy?

UPDATED 01/23/2017 Vox, Donald Trump's conflicts of interest span the globe

CREW, Crew Sues Trump Over Emoluments


1. Our “new” alt-white-house uses the phrase "make America great again" whatever that means? Nevertheless, one wonders how its practices are going to reverse its dystopian perception of America (Inaugural Address) and "make America great again"?

2. All current confirmation hearings should begin with a warning that our “new” alt-white-house is under active investigation by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies, which may result in the Presidential Election of 2016 being annulled for improper and illegal conduct!

3. UPDATED 02/01/2017  Those seeking to launch our nation on McCarthy-like hunts for chimera "terrorists" must understand the harm such hysterically fueled witch hunts can inflict (e.g. Google key employees leave for Baidu (百度)).

Our “new” alt-white-house must account with real data (as opposed to alt-data, invented-data, imaginary-data, false-data, or fictive-data etc.) for its current immigrant intercept program (i.e. how many terrorists versus doctors, engineers, scholars, mathematicians, biologists, physicists etc. it intercepts).


Our A “new” alt-white-house newspeak-spokesperson has indicated that of 325,000 persons arriving 109 were "inconvenienced" (CSPAN, White House Daily Briefing January 30, 2017 @~52Min). He did not say how many "terrorists" were among those 325,000 arrivals? But see AP FACT CHECK: Trump claims on travel ban misleading, wrong by Alicia A. Caldwell and UPDATED 02/07/2017 NYT, Fact Check: President Donald Trump’s Immigration Order | The New York Times

Our “new” alt-white-house and its newspeak-spokespersons so routinely publish misleading, fictive, false, invented, incorrect, or inaccurate information that one wonders whether it's running an intentional misinformation-disinformation campaign against our citizenry4, admittedly tiny and tyro when compared and contrasted with comrade Putin's or is it nemets Adamov's campaigns?!

Vox, How Should the Media Cover a [alt-white-house] White House That Isn't Afraid to Lie?

An alt-explanation is equally alarming; our “new” alt-white-house is just incompetent?! BostonGlobe, Disturbing Truths About Trump and His Team and EuroNews, Meet Steve Bannon, Trump's Front Man to Fight All Wars and Reuters, Highlights: The Trump Presidency on January 31 at 3:40 P.M. EST/2040 GMT and Reuters, Covering Trump the Reuters Way.

America didn't just send in the clowns we sent in the clowns' understudies, at least slightly less than half of America (see Reuters, Exclusive: Trump's Travel Ban Polarizes America - Reuters/Ipsos Poll)

4. UPDATED 02/22/2017 Democratic governments must counterbalance the periodic soft-power misinformation-disinformation campaigns of other mostly authoritarian nations (e.g. CarnegieEndowment, Vladimir Putin’s Political Meddling Revives Old KGB Tactics and WP, Russia’s Radical New Strategy for Information Warfare and EU Observer, British Spies to Help EU stop Russian Meddling and Telegraph, Russia has Made Fake News into a Weapon That Threatens Democracy in Europe and CNN, Tim Kaine: We're in the New Age of Information Warfare ... and We're Losing and YaleGlobalOnline, Empire by Other Means: Russia’s Strategy for the 21st Century) , but our government must never target our citizenry with misinformation-disinformation campaigns!

Listen to the shocking interview" recently (February 05, 2017) given by our “new” alt-white-house and aired just before Super Bowl Fifty-one, which uses a propagandist's favorite technique, the "false equivalency". When told by the interviewer that "Putin's a killer..." the interviewee responds by pointing out that ...a lot of killers...we've got a lot of killers, what do you think our country's [America] so innocent..."

The interview is full of misinformation and disinformation targeting a large audience. Some of the interviewee's responses are fact checked by PolitiFact, Fact-checking Donald Trump’s Super Bowl Interview.

How long before our "new" alt-white-house begins to inform us that "even if it's a lie it's true" or even if it's true it's a lie"?

5. An online clock showing the number of days our "new" alt-white house has existed without impeachment.

6. It's no laughing matter that our "new" alt-white-house is not just abusing the Executive Office of the President of the United States but the overwhelming majority of our citizenry.

7. UPDATED 03/07/2019 WSJ, The Government's Wiretapping Powers Explained

8. A "SCIF" (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) is an accredited (expensive) Faraday cage usually disguised below the modern architecture of a building, which is intended to shield electromagnetic signals.

Originally Published January 23, 2017; Last Updated March 28, 2017; Last Republished March 28, 2017:

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