Thursday, September 27, 2018

Unscientific And Other Wacky Sh*t Out Of Texas

Originally Published May 17, 2017; Last Updated September 27, 2018; Last Republished September 27, 2018:

Professor Thaddeus Schmidlap
Wacky Sh*t Out of Texas Updates:

UPDATED 09/27/2018 WP, A Black Student Refused to Recite the Pledge of Allegiance — Challenging Texas Law Requiring It

...really!, we're still  forcing our Pledge of Allegiance onto our children?...the history of legal challenges to the Pledge of Allegiance...

UPDATED 10/25/2017 NPR, 'Jane Doe' Has Abortion In Texas, After Battle With Trump Administration and ACLU, Court Orders Trump Administration To Stop Blocking Young Woman’s Abortion and SanAntonioCurrent, Trump Administration Blocks Legal Abortion for Undocumented Texas Minor in Federal Care and WP, An undocumented teen is pregnant and in custody. Can the U.S. Stop Her From Getting An Abortion?

It's unclear why our religious zealots' dogma and lunacy is able to interfere or impede a women's healthcare, period?

UPDATED 10/16/2017 Reveal, Access Denied: The Fight for Public Education
and HoustonChronicle, Denied

States rights and libertarian zealots often substitute dogma or inferior, and nefarious state solutions in lieu of superior federated solutions, which cut harm to their residents and our citizens (e.g. secure health, education, shelter, and nutrition). Such is the damage of  the zealots' dogma!

UPDATED 10/07/2017 HoustonChronicle, Texas Manufacturer of 'Bump Stocks' Halts New Sales

A corporation does not have a constitutional right to place into the stream of commerce any sh*t, addictive, or harmful product a snake-oil salesman labels "innovative".

UPDATED 09/18/2017 Fox, Pastor Jeffress Talks Day of Prayer for Harvey Victims

Texas religious zealot Robert Jeffress thanked god for giving us the "gift" of, Trump! 

Ah, can we return god's gift or re-gift it to another nation, which is "praying for unity", say Caracas, Venezuela (elev. 2,953')? 

Instead of "a day of prayer" let's have "a day of good government" that sends seed money (say $100B) to help the residents of Galveston (elev. 6.89'), Texas City (elev. 9.8'), and Beaumont (elev. 16.0') et al. 

Do not attach a "prayer", but a reminder that good government leadership is not a gift from god, but extraordinary citizens with the ability to consult geospatial specialists or elevation maps when regulating the building of Texas structures, especially residential structures!

UPDATED 09/01/2017 NYT, Blocking a Bad Immigration Law in Texas
UPDATED 08/14/2017 TexasTribune, Senate approves bill restricting abortion insurance and Texas Legislature Online, Bill: HB 214  

Requiring women to pay a separate and addition premium for their reproductive healthcare (non-emergency abortion) is bizarre.

UPDATED 06/09/2017  NYT, Bill to Erase Some Dodd-Frank Banking Rules Passes in House and USNews, Financial Choice Act Looms Over Dodd-Frank's Future

Our citizenry will recall the last time a federal lawmaker from Texas proposed wacky financial sh*t we got Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, which overturned the Glass-Steagall Act that enabled our cannibal-capitalists to blow up the global economy; we're still recovering from the financial  catastrophe of 2007 Great Recession!

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