Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sneaky Dianne May Trump Fight Song

The redacted transcript of testimony1 given by the proprietor of Fusion GPS, Glenn R. Simpson was recently released generating more rectum-ramblings (aka sh*thole speech) from our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. and a little ditty in response.


UPDATED 01/23/2018 NewYorker, Jared Kushner Is China’s Trump Card and VanityFair, Has Jared Kushner Beeb Targeted by Chinese Spies

Obstruction of justice is likely the least woes for our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. cum national adult daycare center cum international family criminal enterprise.

Is it too early to acquaint the tykes at the "commander-in-chief daycare center" with ankle bracelet basics?

...don't forget to laugh...

UPDATED 01/23/2018 NYT, Jeff Sessions Is Questioned for Hours in Russia Inquiry and USAToday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions interviewed by Mueller's team as part of Russia investigation and Vox, The “shithole shutdown” Is the Perfect Encapsulation of Trump-era Governance there a way to permanently shutdown our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. and its fledgling efforts to make America brutish again...

...don't forget to laugh...

UPDATED 01/19/2018 Reuters, In Russia, Trump inauguration euphoria leaves lasting hangover and RollCall, House Votes to Table Trump Impeachment and FBI Investigating Whether Russian Money Went to NRA to Help Trump and Atlantic, Is Money-Laundering the Real Trump Kompromat? and BI, Russia-linked Twitter accounts are working overtime to help Devin Nunes and WikiLeaks

Vox, This chilling NRA ad calls on its members to save America by fighting liberals (from June 2017) [other videos in the NRA's Freedom's Safest Place Ad Campaign]

We got the dismay without any euphoria—something to ponder before plotting the next Putin political propaganda prank.

The beauty of irony is boundless!

UPDATED 01/19/2018 Reuters, Cognitive Test Given To Trump Is a 10-minute Routine Screening and NYT, Trump Has Perfect Cognitive Test Score, White House Physician Says and WP, Why Trump's 'Enemy of the People' Bluster Can't Be Compared to Stalin's Savage Rule and [...for what purpose would any American government official utter or condone such a phrase...?]

The physician cum rear admiral was highly unlikely requested or qualified to do the tests and analysis necessary and sufficient to decide whether our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al's head is up its "shithole". However, when your head is so far up your "shithole" where oxygen is in short supply, it's useful to have a physician certified in hyperbaric medicine nearby...

...unfortunately, our nation still prefers to pretend that there exists a dichotomy between mental and physical health...

...don't forget to laugh...NewYorkerSatire, Trump Fears Next Election Will Be Decided by Americans... far two of three government branches have joined the Monty Python's F(lying) Circus...

UPDATED 01/12/2018 C-SPAN, "Mr. President, are you a racist?"3

The reporter, after asking her question and being ignored should also have shouted:


1. Those wanting more background on the "intelligence origins" of the information in the transcript may find the recent book by Luke Harding, Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win helpful.

2. It is pitiful that our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. gets so little pushback from Congress in general and the Republican Party in particular. Those that dare do their job or offer even minimal pushback are called courageous heroes!?

Our nation is in terrible self inflicted chaos—kudos to comedian "Amber Cougar Mellencamp" for her delightful ditty!

3. UPDATED 01/16/2018 Our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al's rectum-ramblings (aka shithole speech) amplifying a racist ethos, which still permeates our nation, in spite of significant efforts to mitigate its impacts, is not consistent with our great power status. (NYT, In Trump’s Immigration Remarks, Echoes of a Century-Old Racial Ranking)
...“ 'Obviously he likes Norwegians because they are white,” she added. “But he knows nothing about Norway, a country with single-payer universal health care and free college education. Why would anyone want to leave Norway for the U.S.?' ”... --NYT, January 13, 2018--
As the fallout increases from our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house it seems useful to remind ourselves that 62,984,825 voted for it!!!!!?????????

...don't forget to laugh...

Originally Published January 12, 2018; Last Updated January 23, 2018; Last Republished January 23, 2018:

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