Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Israelis Begins Trying To Rein In Their Religious Extremists

Originally Published December 27, 2011; Last Updated January 31, 2012; Last Republished January 31, 2012:

Israelis begin trying to rein in their religious extremists—Americans begin trying to run their religious extremists for the presidency1.


UPDATED 01/31/2012  BBC, Israeli woman [Tanya Rosenblit] who refused to move to the back of a bus (podcast) and Haaretz, It's time to end Israel's war of culture and religion

Israel's ultra orthodox religious extremists' (Haredi are 10% of Israel's population) practice segregating women, not unlike America's historical practice of segregating blacks—whether Israel will require a civil war to end this and related inimical practices remains to be seen—the good news is that Israel has a Rosa Parks.

In any event our nation must make clear its condemnation of all practices that discriminate against women.

Haaretz, As rallies subside, Beit Shemesh residents fear a battle long lost


1. UPDATED 12/30/2011  Maybe we can skip the nomination processes; inefficient middle-(wo)men; Sunday school lesson(s); and speed the rebuilding of our decimated and long-suffering middle-class if we'll agree to write-in Jesus or God for president—not sure our Virginians can do write-ins, without the more banal assistance of our temporal federal courts?

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