Sunday, January 29, 2012

China Blue

In "China Blue" director Micha X. Peled covertly films two real life China barbies, Jasmine (16 years-old) and her 15 years-old friend, producing your blue jeans at the Lifeng factory in Guangzhou (Canton), Guangdong Province.

Where is it written that nations must enslave their people to compete within our global economic system? What immorality demands this of human beings?

Friend and Jasmine1

Are we really willing to follow any economic tools and models into slavery? Thinking you can enslave another without enslaving yourself seems naively ignorant at best and malevolently ignorant at worst?


NYT, In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad

Over the prior decade much has been written on the "China Price" and "The High Cost of Low Prices"2—our tragic decades long race to the bottom of perceived lower costs appears to have recaptured the public's interest and attention in recent years.

It's unclear whether that interest and attention includes the realization that we jointly control economic tools and models, for better or worse?

China Blue at Rotten Tomatoes


1. The clothespins keep the teens' eyes open so they can work beyond their physical and mental limits.

2. In the case of Apple it's more like the "high cost of iprofits", incredible or inequitable profits, you pick.

In the case of Mattel's "Barbie", China's real-life-teen-barbies are paid pennies (often with their government's corrupt collusion) from the single dollar spent shipping a doll to our retail stores—that leaves about nine dollars per doll for Mattel's promotion or profits, you pick.

In the case of [include your favorite product made in China]...

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