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Using A Bicycle Saves Billions

Originally Published January 03, 2012; Last Updated December 08, 2019; Last Republished December 08, 2019:

Using a bicycle instead of driving a vehicle for distances under five miles can save billions of dollars.

The savings derive primarily from increased physical exercise and decreasing vehicle fine particulate matter (PM) emissions.
Bike Advocacy Orgs


UPDATED 06/05/2017 NHTSA, 2015 Bicyclists and Other Cyclists Traffic Safety Fact Sheet and NHTSA, 2012 Bicyclists and Other Cyclists Traffic Safety Fact Sheet and Medline, The Cost of Bike Crashes in U.S. Tops $24 Billion a Year

UPDATED 06/02/2013 SFMTA, Bike Sharing Project, Initial August Roll-out Recent Open House handout (pdf 2M) and BAAQMD, Regional Bicycle Share Pilot Project Sponsorships.

The proposed urban bicycle weighs in at a hefty 43 pound with 7 gears (gear ratios?), which seems optimized for shorter distances or endurance training!

Perhaps some of these attractive looking bicycles can be variously equipped for safely transporting the equivalent cargo of a standard paper bag of groceries (i.e a 200 lb rider plus cargo might approach a total weight of 300 lbs)?

UPDATED 08/10/2012 Worldcat, Just ride : a radically practical guide to riding your bike

The author's major premise is that "racing and racers" have hindered (if not harmed) the enjoyment of everyday bicycle riding. His many years bicycling experience (racing, building, repairing, selling and riding) has taught him to appreciate the beauty, efficiency and enjoyment of minimally functional bicycle riding. He shares his experience, knowledge and insights in this short, understandable and funny book.

If you pedal harder when passing automated roadside radar registering "your current speed", this book is for you. Especially, if you think the registered speed was significantly influenced by your spandex clothing, uncomfortable racing posture, aerodynamic wheels, light weight carbon frame and fork, pull-up pedal clips or "EPO additive" fluid in your water bottle.

UPDATED 06/17/2012 Geodistance Mapping and AirNow, U.S. Air Quality Forecast Map and AirNow, U.S. Air Quality Summary
EPA, National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)
EPA, Particulate Matter


UPDATED 12/08/2019 MarketWatch, Here's How Artificial Intelligence Powers Bike Sharing

UPDATED 04/28/2018 SFChronicle, GoBike Adds e-bikes To SF’s Shared Alternative Transportation Fleet

UPDATED 02/15/2018 MCity, Mcity Announces Affiliate Members in Second Phase of Funding and UnivMich, Maximizing the Environmental Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles and IEEE, Exposing the Power Vampires in Self-Driving Cars

UPDATED 01/14/2018 USAToday, Ford Lays Out Grand Vision for a Self-driving Car Future [including communication with bicycles] and IEEE, The Self-Driving Car's Bicycle Problem and Reuters, Ford ups electric vehicle plans to $11 billion by 2022: executive

Kudos to Ford et al...

UPDATED 06/05/2017 SFBicycleCoalition, Bike Share for All is Here

 Bike Share for All

UPDATED 03/15/2017 Velo, Gallery: Celebrating 200 Years of the Bicycle

UPDATED 03/16/2017 CCTV, Chengdu Rolls out China's First Regulations on Shared Bikes and SFEx, Rogue bike-share: Bringing chaos to our public spaces and CGTN, Bike-sharing companies' success gives rise to new challenges

How about setting up a process for declaring rogue bicycles abandon property?

UPDATED 06/09/2016 Youtube GoggleTalks,Margaret Guroff: "The Mechanical Horse"

UPDATED 10/06/2015 SFChron, Cyclists’ Idaho stop becomes hot potato in San Francisco

A 16 pound bicycle and 200 pound cyclist should not be regulated like 1.6 ton vehicle, with or without a driver!

UPDATED 06/02/2014 UCI, Growth and improvement for cycling world-wide at heart of UCI visionUPDATED 04/16/2014 BayBikers, Are Bike Commuters Healthier?
UPDATED 02/07/2014 Mag, A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Cycling and Walking to School
UPDATED 09/15/2012 WP, What drivers should know about sharing the road with bicyclists (and vice versa)
UPDATED 07/27/2012 BBC, The Wiggins factor: Why cycling is a healthy option
UPDATED 06/17/2012 LAT, Gears of rhetoric ratchet up in San Francisco's car-bike debate

Correcting the imbalances between bicycle, vehicle, mass transit and pedestrian transportation methods will no doubt be perceived, for awhile, as picking on the overwhelmingly prior predominant vehicle users. There's no reason a new equilibrium cannot fairly accommodate all these forms of transportation methods.

Periodic accidents between the various methods of transportation, however infrequent or tragic should not distract from establishing that new equilibrium.

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