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Security Council Veto Aids Brutal Syrian Regime

Originally Published February 04, 2012; Last Updated April 14, 2018; Last Republished April 14, 2018:

If regime change does not occur by debate and direction in the United Nations Security Council how will citizens living under a violent repressive regime seek and gain representative government?


UPDATED 07/03/2012 HRW, Syria: Torture Centers Revealed Russia, China, United States, et al. must uniformly decide every government of every nation will rule without coercion in any form or not rule at all.

UPDATED 02/25/2012 SoS, Secretary Clinton comment after the Friends of Syrian People meeting in Tunisia (text of comments):

Kudos to the Secretary of State for her candid words on the government's slaughter of Syrian citizens. Hopefully, our talented secretary of state will directly articulate a nascent principle that the era of rule by force is ending.

As a condition precedent for joining the community of nations all governments must rule by citizen consent obtained in peaceful, routine, periodic, and transparent elections—authoritarian rule is no longer an alternative form of government.

In any event the Bashar al-Assad government must be totally disconnected from the community of nations and those responsible for slaughtering Syrians (and others) must stand trial for crime against humanity.

UPDATED 02/05/2012 WH, Statement by the President on Syria

Kudos to the president for vociferously condemning the brutality and inhumanity of Syria's Bashar al-Assad—his brutality and inhumanity exceeds by orders of magnitude all minimum civil society and governance standards.

UPDATED 02/06/2012 Also, Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, At a Security Council Session on Syria, February 4, 2012

Secretary of State Clinton speaking from Sofia, Bulgaria on the unfortunate China/Russia veto of the security council Syria resolution. 


UPDATED 04/14/2018 Reuters, U.S. Fires 'One-time Shot' at Syria After Chlorine Attack
UPDATED 04/08/2018 NYT, Dozens Suffocate in Syria as Government Is Accused of Chemical Attack and USStateDept, On the Chemical Attack in Douma and Wikipedia, Use of Chemical Weapons in the Syrian Civil War

UPDATED 04/04/2018 NYT, White House Says U.S. Will Remain in Syria Despite Trump’s Eagerness to Withdraw

UPDATED 03/31/2018 France24, 'Macron has crossed a line with Turkey'  It is unclear what role the thug in Ankara is playing these days; or whether the burden to the alliance is greater than the benefit?

UPDATED 02/27/2018 NYR, The World Must Act Now on Syria and WP, U.N. Issues a Mostly Blank Statement on Syrian Violence: ‘No Words Will do Justice to the Children Killed’ and NYT, Erdogan Tells a Weeping Girl, 6, She’d Receive Honors if Martyred

...and the religious wackos fight on, sacrificing the children to their "gods"...

UPDATED 10/16/2017 CGTN, Iraqi Forces Battle Kurdish Peshmerga Fighters in Kirkuk

The Kurdish peshmergar is not a primary destabilizing force in the Middle East. 

UPDATED 05/15/2017 WP, Syria Using Crematorium to Hide Executions, State Department Says and AmnestyUSA, Human Slaughterhouse
UPDATED 04/27/2017 NYT, How Syria And Russia Spun A Chemical Strike | The New York Times

UPDATED 04/24/2017 ABCNews, US sanctions 271 Syrian government workers after chemical attack

UPDATED 04/11/2017 AP, Official: Russia Knew Syrian Chemical Attack Was Coming
UPDATED 04/07/2017 NavyMil, Trump Orders Missile Attack in Retaliation for Syrian Chemical Strikes and ISI, Image Sat International First to Analyze Shayrat Airfield Missile Attack

U.S. Navy Mediterranean assets are reporting 58/59 TLAM missiles destroyed Shayrat Air Base. Likely variants launched include BGM(RGM)-109C (hardened targets), BGM(RGM)-109D (runway-aircraft targets) and RGM/UGM-109E (improved BGM-109C)?

UPDATED 04/06/2017 Reuters, Merkel calls lack of Syria U.N. resolution 'scandal' and Reuters, World anger at suspected Syria gas attack and WP, Trump condemns chemical attack as his U.N. ambassador assails Russia’s role

UPDATED 01/13/2017 Reuters, Exclusive: Assad linked to Syrian chemical attacks for first time

Investigating the war crimes of thug governments is not very meaningful if the thugs do not appear before routinely convened international tribunals to explain their war crimes or such appearances are measured in decades instead of months or years.

UPDATED 01/06/2017 CGTN, Russia begins to withdraw armed forces in Syria

UPDATED 12/09/2016 CCTV, Relations between Russia and NATO reach a new low


All nations have an implicit responsibility to sanction and isolate any peer nation engaged in menacing behavior.

Of course, increased sanctions and isolation must parallel political discussions in pursuit of a peaceful solution.

UPDATED 12/01/2016 Telegraph, Vladimir Putin says Russia wants to normalise relations with US

A Security Council vote is not required to steadfastly support or increase and extend the sanctions imposed on an infandous (odious beyond expression) government.

Sending field hospitals (after destroying local hospitals!) and other aid to ease some of the war inflicted misery is helpful but not a substitute for ensuring the Syrian people live under representative government. Additionally, the international community must pursue and prosecute all those committing or directing war crimes in Syria (e.g. Bashar al-Assad et al.).

Normalized relationship with the United States must require Russia's compliance with the Minsk II protocol. Changing or maintaining national borders by use of force or an infinite variety of thuggery is a twenty-first century anathema and affront to all peaceful nations.


UPDATED 11/22/2016 Reuters, Exclusive: Russian tankers defy EU ban to smuggle jet fuel to Syria - sources
UPDATED 10/31/2016 UN, Security Council Unanimous Adopts Resolution 2314 (2016), Extends Mandate of Joint Investigative Mechanism Identifying Perpetrators Using Chemical Weapons in Syria

Now what?!

UPDATED 10/07/2016 WP, US accuses Russia, Syria of war crimes; France seeks UN vote

A Security Council vote is not required to steadfastly maintain or increase and extend the sanctions imposed on an infandous (odious beyond expression) government.

UPDATED 09/26/2016 NYT, Syria and Russia Appear Ready to Scorch Aleppo and UN, At Security Council, UN envoy appeals for Russia and US cooperation to pull Syria 'away from the brink'

The United Nations Security Council is unable to halt the carnage in Syria, even for brief periods for safe aid delivery.

It's unfortunate that a twenty-first century citizenry of any nation must choose between nonrepresentational government and scorched earth attacks.

Assad and his ilk are unfit to govern anything.

UPDATED 09/20/2016 CCTV, UN Secretary-General calls for end to Syria crisis

UPDATED 09/10/2016 RT, US-Russian Syria deal: Nationwide ceasefire to begin at sundown on Monday When you lose track of whom the hell you're fighting it's time to stop (send the pizza and vodka to the innocent Syrian noncombatants).


If the global community persists with warring as its chosen solution to our global problems it must accept responsibility for and fund the life cycle needs (i.e. shelter, nutrition, healthcare, education, and security) of the displaced populations.

...many orders of magnitude more expensive than delivering pizza and vodka!

UPDATED 09/07/2016 NYT, Ash Carter: Russia Sowing Seeds of Global Instability
UPDATED 08/20/2016 BBC, Syrian war: US scrambles jets to Hassakeh and  Reuters, Russia says ready for Aleppo truce but U.N. should set terms: diplomat

It's difficult to imagine backing a more incompetent, incapable, intolerable, and infandous regime than the Assad regime!

The global community must do orders of magnitude better!

UPDATED 03/16/2015 BBC, Syria conflict: Russia 'to continue air strikes' after withdrawal

Nations are now trying to fight wars on the cheap. Eventually nations will figure out that the cheapest method of fighting wars is not to begin warring. Stated differently, the war not fought is the cheapest.

But, by what logic will nations not begin warring? Warring nations are still guided by a primitive "God", the unparalleled, ultimate, and ubiquitous definition of thug.

UPDATED 02/05/2016 AP, Saudi official says kingdom ready to send troops to Syria

At some point the community of nations must agree and decide that it's no longer acceptable for any government to be changed or maintained by force and simultaneously participate in our global community.

UPDATED 11/25/2015 WH, President Obama and President Hollande Hold a Joint Press Conference

Hopefully, our news organizations will provide some historical context in their reporting on Syria, which will assist our citizenry understand the incredible complexities of reconfiguring Syria; Assad's departure is just one simple milestone in a long series of difficult milestones needed to reconfigure a stable Syria.

Bombs and shirts optional; skirts mandatory!

UPDATED 11/18/2015 AP, Narrowing rift, US and Russia entertain cooperation in Syria Kudos to our President; pursuing cooperation counter to our "bomb now, aim later" religious zealots in Congress is not an intuitive or easy diplomatic configuration.

You might think our President wouldn't be alone in pursuit of cooperative diplomacy considering our congressional religious zealots are still scooping up the shit after their last "bomb now, aim later" parade, 14+ years later!

UPDATED 10/02/2015 NYT, Obama Holds Press Conference (Syria response begins about 42 minutes into press conference)
UPDATED 09/28/2015 Atlantic, Bashar al-Assad and the Devil’s Endgame

The "devil you know..." logic is so twentieth century (or in the case of the religious whack-jobs running ISIS, tenth century)--let's try "devil free government and governance..." in the twenty-first century.

UPDATED 08/30/2013 UPI, President Obama's remarks on response to Syrian chemical weapons

Mr. President, you are no doubt sincere when stating that the world's thugs indiscriminately kill others because of a failure to send the thugs a signal of force. If this premise were true then the world would not currently be debating when and how to send the latest thug in Syria a signal of force.

Sending yet another thug, yet another signal of force is a fundamentally flawed premise, which only guarantees we'll be sending thugs signals of force for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps it's time to rethink the fundamentally flawed premise of sending signals of force to thugs—or sending any signals to thugs for that matter? All too often the international community's focus shifts to who is sending the signals (especially if we're the sender) instead of focusing on why the community of nations permits thugs to govern nations in the first place.

Moreover, after a signal of force is sent a subset of the community of nations stands akimbo, enabling them and others to pretend like they've solved something—at least until the next incident of killing by some thug masquerading as a national leader!

UPDATED 08/22/2013 UPI, McCain says U.S. credibility in Middle East 'has never been lower'

A decreasing American credibility in the Middle East may represent a refreshing reluctance to solve problems using American coercive force and violence. If so, then our decreasing credibility may be an equally refreshing predicate to deriving and depending on future peaceful solutions to our problems.

Perhaps Senator McCain will articulate how his personal preference for coercive force and violence solves the problem of two-bit thugs killing citizens with abandon because they differ in sectarian beliefs based on fantastically foolish fairy-tales?

Why would any nation associate with those that coerce others because they profess a different, but equally fantastically foolish fairy-tale, much less choose between fantastically foolish fairy-tales?

UPDATED 11/29/2012 Google, All Google Services and Traffic Go Black in Syria (11:59GMT)

Select "Syria" and "All Products" from drop-down menu if not already selected or refer to table for November 29, 2012.

UPDATED 11/26/2012 Reuters, Russia's Medvedev criticizes France for backing Syrian rebels

On the contrary France's recognition of the inchoate rebel government seems the most civilized method of changing an authoritarian regime, under circumstances in Syria.

It's unfortunate that such a civilized process has not been generalized and standardized within the United Nations Security Council for authoritarian regime that refuse to implement representative governance on demand by a nation's citizenry.

UPDATED 08/11/2012 Australian, Clinton in Turkey for key Syria talks

If travel is a proxy for nascent miltilateral collaboration then we might just be getting the hang of the massive global paradigm shift that is afoot—could it be our cowboys and neocons have been lassoed and corralled?—kudos to our Secretary of State.
UPDATED 06/19/2012 NYT, Syria-Bound Russian Ship Is Turned Back
UPDATED 05/26/2012 Al Jazeera, UN confirms 'massacre' of children in Houla and Al Jazeera, Syria Live Blog The condemnations and carnage continue; but no relief from authoritarian rule.

UPDATED 03/20/2012 Guardian, Syria: leaked documents reveal Bashar al-Assad's role in crushing protests and Al Jazeera, The Damascus Documents

Other reports indicate that the portion of the Guardian article referring to a Russian anti-terrorist team deployed to Syria may be inaccurate.

UPDATED 03/21/2012 USA Today Photos, Unrest in Syria and Yahoo Photos, Slaughter in Syria

The International Criminal Court (ICC) must issue arrest warrants1 for Bashar al-Assad et al. while the authoritarian nations of Russia and China plead their obsolete frame of reference to the global community, which is fast evolving to less authoritarian methods of governance.

UPDATED 02/25/2012 Reuters, Syrians trapped in Homs say world is failing them

UPDATED 02/17/2012 UPI, General Assembly passes Syria resolution

UPPDATED 02/16/2012 WP, UN chief sees possible crimes against humanity in Syria as activists report new raids, arrests

The leadership of every nation's must know with certainty that regime change will immediately follow any use of excessive or lethal force against its peacefully protesting citizens.

UPDATED 02/16/2012 BBC, Syria crisis: China sends senior envoy

UPDATED 02/09/2012 Reuters, Syria's Homs bombarded again, Turks push for solution and Reuters, U.N. rights chief says action on Syria urgent and Reuters, China says may send envoy to discuss Syria crisis

UPDATED 02/08/2012 ChinaElections, Libya, Syria, and China’s Role in the International Community

China must abandon its historical preference for non-intervention/non-interference (may have been applicable circa 1000 BCE; not applicable circa 2012 CE).  China must jointly participate with the international community to economically isolate, replace and hold accountable any government slaughtering its citizens.

Any government slaughtering its citizens has initiated its own regime change. It then becomes the responsibility of the international community to jointly implement all processes necessary and sufficient to economically isolate, replace, and hold accountable that government.

Kudos to those nations from the international community that have jointly begun this process with respect to Syria's Bashar al-Assad.

NYT, Russia and China Block U.N. Action on Syrian Crisis
USA Today, Russia, China veto U.N. resolution on Syria


1. The community of nations must stop using the ineffective strategy or rationale of withholding ICC arrest warrants on the chance hope that a criminal accused of committing crimes against humanity will see it as an incentive to voluntarily surrender power or more absurdly transition to less authoritarian governance methods.

A Security Council referral may lessen some of the criticism over Russia and China's intransigence on intervening to stop al-Assad's brutality and consequent humanitarian catastrophe.

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