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CCSF Accreditation In Jeopardy

Originally Published July 05, 2012; Last Updated August 05, 2019; Last Republished August 05, 2019:

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), Western Association of Schools and Colleges has ordered CCSF to show cause why its accreditation should not be terminated and to submit its closure report by March 15, 2013.

CCSF's Interim Chancellor Pamila Fisher has posted an initial response to the ACCJC final evaluation report1.

Res: The Foundation of City College of San Francisco


UPDATED 08/10/2012 FCJ, Occupy CCSF Protesters Decry Decimation of Public Education; Revenue Measures Essential for Survival


UPDATED 08/05/2019 NYT, Who Got Into the University of California? and CCSF, Fact Sheet Transfer Students (Aug2018) and UC Merced, Enrollment Dashboard 2019-20

UPDATED 08/07/2018 CCSF, Classes Begin August 18 and ADegreeWithAGuaranteeProgram

UPDATED 02/21/2017 SFEx, Future of CCSF’s Accreditor in Hands of Betsy DeVos and HigherEd, DeVos Praises Community Colleges in Remarks

It's not clear what Education Secretary Betsy DeVos or an alt-right evangelical preacher will or can contribute to advancing 21st century higher education in America?

UPDATED 02/06/2017 SFEx, Deal Reached to Make City College Tuition Free for SF Residents

San Francisco takes "baby steps" toward ensuring its residents have no cost access to the local community college, (CCSF).

The Board of Trustees (BOT) must create a vibrant educational environment that expands each student's curiosity—no mean challenge! (BOT's current goals and priorities)

Also, the BOT must further deepen its collaboration with the San Francisco Board of SupervisorsSan Francisco Mayor's OfficeCalifornia Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, Fiscal Standards and Accountability; and the various community stakeholders.

UPDATED 01/14/2017 HigherEd, BREAKING: CCSF's Accreditation Reaffirmed and SFEx, A timeline of CCSF’s accreditation battle  CCJC has reaffirmed CCSF's accreditation for seven years.
UPDATED 06/30/2016 SFExaminer, CCSF may return to being free after three decades

Our government should not be cannibalizing our nation's higher educational institutions in pursuit of a failed laissez-faire economic policy or extreme libertarian dogma (aka neo-anarchists).

UPDATED 01/07/2016 SFExaminer, CCSF’s accreditor found noncompliant with federal education standards

UPDATED 01/15/2015 SFExaminer,  Restoration status approved for CCSF in quest to remain accredited
UPDATED 06/21/2014 SFGate, CCSF deal gets Feds' Approval
UPDATED 12/27/2013 SFExaminer, CCSF Saga Shifts to Courtroom and SFGate, Lawyers for Faculty, Panel Argue Over CCSF's Accreditation

CCSF remains focused on responding to ACCJC's recommendations and is not taking part in the courtroom saga.

UPDATED 10/21/2013 SFExaminer, New CCSF Chancellor Vows to Help College Heal
UPDATED 07/04/2013 KQED, Commission Votes to Terminate CCSF Accreditation

CCSF has until July 31, 2013 to request that ACCJC reconsider their vote terminating its accreditation.

UPDATED 12/28/2012 SFGate, CCSF making big changes to stay afloat CCSF's accreditation preservation team moves with all diligent speed in responding to the Accrediting Commission's concerns!

UPDATED 10/04/2012 LAT, Fading Dreams: California Community Colleges

It's unclear why our community colleges are not structured to operate 24/7/365—providing a low or no cost pathway for all qualified residents and citizens to continuously improve their educational attainment over an entire lifetime?

UPDATED 09/19/2012 SFGate, CCSF risks bankruptcy, chancellor warns and SFGate, City College near bankruptcy, audit says
UPDATED 07/08/2012 InsideHigherEd, Something Has to Give
UPDATED 07/06/2012 NPR Forum, City College of San Francisco in Jeopardy?

A few primary CCSF stakeholders representatives discussing how the ACCJC's report can be used to improve an amazing Bay Area asset.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, City College of San Francisco Is Threatened With Loss of Accreditation


1. CCSF must submit its plan to address ACCJC's final evaluation report recommendations by October 15, 2012.

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