Saturday, November 4, 2017

Nanomaterials Negatively Impacts Soybeans

Originally Published September 02, 2012; Last Updated November 04, 2017; Last Republished November 04, 2013:

Recent PNAS research, Soybean Susceptibility to Manufactured Nanomaterials with Evidence for Food Quality and Soil Fertility Interruption (pdf), finds soybean growth and soil fertility is compromised by manufactured nanomaterials (MNM), concluding:
"There is great concern, but a dearth of information, regarding potential MNM impacts to agriculture and the food supply."


ANL, Center for Nanoscale Materials
EPA, Investigation of the Hazard and Potential Ecological Risk of Manufactured Nanomaterials


UPDATED 08/22/2013 ScienceDaily, Toxic Nanoparticles Might Be Entering Human Food Supply
UPDATED 02/14/2013 ESRF, X-rays reveal uptake of nanoparticles by soya bean cropsNSF, Soybeans Susceptible to Man-Made Materials in Soil

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