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Pockets of Poverty In America

Originally Published January 19, 2016; Last Updated January 21, 2020; Last Republished January 21, 2020:

In the absence of  "triple-a-security-revenue-bond-streams" maybe we can utilize presidential declarations of emergency to abate and eliminate the pockets of poverty across our nation, including the deleterious and debilitating effects?


UPDATED 03/22/2016 NSF, Cleaner Water, Clearer Future:Engineering New Water Technology


UPDATED 02/27/2018 Time, States of Vulnerability: A Photo Essay by Matt Black

Sunflower County, Miss.; Population: 29,450; 35.5% Live Below the Poverty Level
Wilmington City, Delaware (Persons in Poverty 24.5%):

Illinois, United States of America (All Age Poverty Illinois, United States; 13.6%):

UPDATED 06/06/2017 Bloomberg, S&P, Moody's Downgrade Illinois to Near Junk, Lowest Ever for a U.S. State

Fresno, California (All Age Poverty Fresno County, California 2014, 27.5%):

UPDATED 03/22/2017 Reuters, Exclusive: Lead poisoning afflicts neighborhoods across California

Tyler, Alabama (All Age Poverty Dallas County, Alabama 2014, 35.2%):

UPDATED 09/26/2016 NYT, Too Poor for Proper Plumbing: A Reality in 500,000 U.S. Homes

It's useful to recall that Jefferson county recently emerged from bankruptcy after writing down a lopsided $3.2 billion sewer bond issue, which J.P Morgan and Company's hedge fund cobbled together.

When you hear our congressional representatives (or others) mindlessly assert American exceptionalism or other such drivel, it's useful to browse the poverty rate for the districts they claim to represent. There are too many instances of a mismatch between their mindless assertions and real results.

UPDATED 06/30/2016 Reuters, Puerto Rico still faces debt default despite rescue law

Do not abuse the oversight board by avoiding "haircuts" for the New York (and elsewhere) casino-cowboy-cannibal capitalists or create a Greece size economic stagnation, which further exacerbates the poverty in Puerto Rico.

UPDATED 06/11/2016 Bloomberg, Puerto Rico Economy Worsens With Crisis, Most Anywhere You Look

More fallout from the cowboy capitalist's eight year "laissez-faire" (aka neo-anarchism) parade, which culminated in the Great Recession of 2007 debacle.

President Obama entered office scooping up the shit up after their "laissez-faire" parade and will leave office still scooping!

Thank you Mr. President for doing seven plus years of heavy lifting amid extraordinarily challenging and reactionary circumstances—the next general election and history will likely be kinder to you and your efforts than the reactionaries in Congress.

McKinley County, New Mexico (35.8% poverty): 

UPDATED 04/04/2016 NPR, New Mexico's Truth: Stunning Vistas And Child Poverty? and Poverty map of the United States courtesy

Baltimore, Maryland Poverty-Disease:

UPDATED 12/20/2017 PBS, What happens to Learning When Students Get Much-needed Glasses

Instead of strengthening healthcare coverage for all our citizenry a reprehensible and loathsome Republican Congress has worked hard to weaken or cut healthcare coverage and increase healthcare costs for many of our citizens!

UPDATED 06/08/2016 WH, The Front Lines of Social Innovation Significant and sustained social innovations require structural changes.

UPDATED 03/12/2016 SA, Better Parenting Skills May Break the Poverty–Disease Connection

Flint, Michigan Water (All Age Poverty Genesee County, Michigan, 21.5%):

UPDATED 01/21/2020 Reuters, U.S. Supreme Court Lets Flint, Michigan Residents Sue Over Water Contamination

We do not need Supreme Court permission to hold all leaders accountable for any policy decision that poisons people or otherwise harms their health. These baleful policy decisions can be much more subtle than providing harmful drinking water (potable) or selling radioactive food products.

UPDATED 06/14/2019  Detroit Free Press, All Flint water Crisis Criminal Charges Dismissed by Attorney General's Office — for Now [Investigation Continues]
UPDATED 03/19/2018 Reuters, U.S. Supreme Court Allows Flint Water Contamination Lawsuits
UPDATED 02/05/2018 WaterWorld, Company Aims to Resore Trust in Replacement of Flint's Lead-Tainted Water LinesUPDATED 12/29/2017 3MYoungScientistCompetition, "Tethys" : Water Lead Contamination Detector Combines Arduino and CarbonNanoTube

An imaginative young girl guided by her 3M mentor scientist imagines what Flint's "adult" water policymakers did not, a simple test for safe water—wonder why?

UPDATED 09/27/2017 Economist, The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has had terrible consequences for residents’ health

The above TED presentation has applicability beyond the inhuman Flint River response of some bureaucrats. Think manipulation of a computer algorithm (e.g. VW, GM et al.). As these autonomous algorithms perform more critical roles in our near future advanced systems the potential for inflicting enormous harm by unscientific behavior will increase by orders of magnitude.

UPDATED 12/30/2016 Reuters, Exclusive: CDC considers lowering threshold level for lead exposure
UPDATED 12/20/2016 PBS, Watch news conference on new charges in Flint, Michigan water crisis

UPDATED 11/04/2016 ANL, The Microbiome Project: Rivers

UPDATED 06/28/2016 WP, More than 5,300 U.S. water systems violated lead-testing rules last year
UPDATED 04/20/2016 MoJo, Three Officials Charged in Flint Water Crisis
UPDATED 04/18/2016 Youtube, Tonight with John Oliver: Lead

Sesame song for Congress on funding lead abatement.

UPDATED 03/24/2016 Cloud, Flint Water Advisory Task Force, Final Report March 2016
"Flint water customers were needlessly and tragically exposed to toxic levels of lead and other hazards through the mismanagement of their drinking water supply." --FWATF, Final Report--
UPDATED 03/22/2016 WH, White House Water Summit and USAToday, Got lead in your water? It's not easy to find out and NYT, Unsafe Lead Levels in Tap Water Not Limited to Flint

UPDATED 03/15/2016 WP, Tainted Water, Little Hope
UPDATED 01/26/2016 Atlantic, The Private Sector Is Now Providing Basic Services to Flint
UPDATED 01/23/2016 NPR, Politicians Work To Remedy Flint Water Crisis
UPDATED 01/22/2016 Guardian, US authorities distorting tests to downplay lead content of waterUPDATED 01/22/2016 DFP, President Obama declares emergency in Flint An emergency declaration provides limited resources—significantly less than a disaster declaration. 
UPDATED 01/22/2016 NYT, Events That Led to Flint’s Water Crisis

Guess our "free-market-zealots" (aka neo-anarchists or libertarian extremists or anarcho-capitalists)1 forgot to conduct the cheap, simple, and routine water quality tests on the river water before deciding it was safe to send into our citizen-consumers' homes?

CNN, How tap water became toxic in Flint, Michigan and Flint, Michigan, Water Crisis: Obama Signs Emergency Declaration and BBC, Flint: Poisoned drinking water causing irreparable brain damage - BBC News 


1. Our neo-anarchists or libertarian extremists or anarcho-capitalists will quickly remind us that it was not the "free market", but "government intervention" that sent the poisonous river water into our citizens' homes.

Sound familiar? It should, our neoanarchists were quick to remind us that "government intervention" into our mortgage markets caused the 2007-current blow up of our global economy.

It's not unusual for proponents of these hybrid concepts to blend in variants of religious orthodoxy or dogma.

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