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Prominent Signatory Of The China Charter 08 And Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo

Prominent signatory of the China Charter 08 and Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo has died at the age of 61; and the ghosts of June 04, 1989 lives on:


UPDATED 06/15/2019 SCMP, Hong Kong Protest Organisers Vow to Press Ahead with Sunday March Despite Government Backing Down on Extradition Bill – but Monday’s Strike is Off and NYT, Hong Kong’s Leader [Carrie Lam], Yielding to Protests, [Indefinitely] Suspends Extradition Bill and Reuters, Hong Kong Protests Live and SCMP, Thousands March Through Hong Kong to Protest Extradition Law and Reuters, Hong Kong Police Fire Rubber Bullets as Extradition Bill Protests Turn to Chaos and Bloommberg, Pelosi Vows to Review Hong Kong Trade Ties Over Extradition Bill

UPDATED 06/08/2019 Reuters, Huge Hong Kong Protest Expected in Last Push to Scrap Extradition Bill
UPDATED 06/04/2019 WP, A  Massacre Erased and AP, Former Protesters Recount 1989's Crackdown and NYT, Photos of the Tiananmen Square Protests Through the Lens of a Student Witness and Reuters, Ghosts of Tiananmen and Foreign Affairs Modern China's Original Sin (Andrew Nathan 2014) and Wikipedia, 1989 Tiananmen Square Protests and 端傳媒, 我們當下的恐懼與期待; 许章润 (2018) and The NYRB China Archive and Atlantic, Remembering Tiananmen Square Is Dangerous, Even in Hong Kong

UPDATED 07/10/2018 Reuters, Widow of Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo Arrives In Germany

UPDATED  09/16/2017 Reuters, Wife of detained Taiwan activist to attend his trial in China and BBC, Lee Ming-che: Taiwanese activist goes on trial in China

China's pro Forma trials of human rights activists lack parity with the minimal expectations of developed nations of the international community.

UPDATED 07/31/2017 WSJ, China's Long List of Political Prisoners

UPDATED 07/27/2017 CDT, Liu Xiaobo’s Death and Western Rights Advocacy
UPDATED 07/17/2017 CPI, Liu Xiaobo and Normalised Norway
UPDATED 07/15/2017 CDT, Despite Censorship, Netizens Remember Liu Xiaobo 
UPDATED 07/14/2017 Reuters, Attention Turns To Widow After Death of Liu Xiaobo

NYT, Liu Xiaobo, Chinese Dissident Who Won Nobel While Jailed, Dies at 61
NYT, The Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo, in His Own Words
NobelPeaceCenter, I have no enemies - Liu Xiaobo

NewYorker, Liu Xiaobo, China’s Prescient Dissident by Jiayang Fan July 3, 2017
Reuters, China's liberals Quietly Fight Efforts To Erase Liu Xiaobo Legacy
Reuters, Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo Dies In Pictures

Liu Xiaobo In Pictures

Originally Published July 13, 2017; Last Updated June 15, 2019; Last Republished June 15, 2019:

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