Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Morphing American Dream

Before our nation deploys carrier strike groups, bomb wings, and submarine groups or activate missile wings2 to protect and perpetuate "The American Dream" it would be wise to articulate and agree on the dream1!

The dream our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. and related Republican Party has articulated to date is worthy of neither protection nor perpetuation.

...don't forget to laugh...NewYorker, Elephants Unmoved by Trump’s Backtracking on Trophy Ban: “We Don’t Forget”...

Elephants Unmoved by Trump’s Backtracking on Trophy Ban
...Somebody must have informed our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. that the elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party associated with endangerment and risk of extinction.

It's unclear whether Alabama's governor plans to run in 2020 as "gods' candidate" of the PPP, "Presidential Pervert Party"?



UPDATED 01/11/2018 Qz, Read the Full [Senate Judiciary Committee] Transcript on the Trump-Russia Dossier and Scribd, Glenn Simpson Congressional interview — Redacted and Errata Sheet Transcript on the Trump-Russia Dossier and NYT, Democratic Senator Releases Transcript of Interview with Dossier Firm and WP, Fusion GPS Founder Told Senate Investigators the FBI Had a Source in Trump’s Network and NYT, The Decline of Anti-Trumpism

The "anti-trumpsters" may have judged that our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house is the fairy tale turned nightmare that must end, notwithstanding the costs?

Something for our future politicians to cogitate before subjecting our nation to another [whatever our mental health professionals diagnosis]† president, which calls our press the enemy of the people.

Particularly unsavoury are the majority members on the Senate Intelligence Committee running their own mini-disinformation-distraction operation on behalf of our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house fairy tale (i.e. Octogenarian Senator Chuck Grassley et al.).

† For now we'll refer to it as our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house that must end, sooner than later!

UPDATED 01/09/2018 NewYorker, “Fire and Fury” Is a Book All Too Worthy of the President and NYMag, Trump Insists He’s a ‘Very Stable Genius’ In Response to Mental Fitness Concerns and Atlantic, Donald Trump Goes Full Fredo and NYmag, The President Is Mentally Unwell — and Everyone Around Him Knows It (turning it into a political question won't make it go away)

Our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house's rectum-ramblings at today's "Camp David" press conference about its mental health tweet demonstrates a gross ignorance of mental illness and mental health.

A person's education, intelligence, and wealth often masks an extraordinarily adverse mental illness and impedes that person's ability to seek help and treatment.

Our media and health professionals should use this extraordinary moment in our nation's history to tell our citizenry all about mental illness and mental health! Hopefully, the Republican Party's "Camp David" agenda includes a discussion of treatment and exit strategies for our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house?

...don't forget to laugh...NewYorkerSatire, Trump: I Am the Smartest Person in the Room...

UPDATED 12/05/2018 NewYorker, The Increasing Unfitness of Donald Trump and NYT, Obstruction Inquiry Shows Trump’s Struggle to Keep Grip on Russia Investigation and SpiegelOnline, Time for Germany to Learn to Lead [hopefully only temporarily?]

It's egregiously outrageous that any Member of Congress (e.g. Senators: John Cornyn, Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley, James Lankford, Thom Tillis etc.) would interact with our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house for any purpose, except to urge it to immediately resign the Executive Office of the President of the United States cum office of criminal enterprise.

Congress must set up an independent national commission† to thoroughly investigate the morphing of the Executive Office of the President of the United States into an ongoing criminal enterprise? The "Mueller Investigation" is necessary, but not sufficient to place the incidents and recommendations within a broader historical context.

...don't forget to laugh...NewYorkerSatire, White House Staff Forced to Act Out Michael Wolff Book for Non-Reading President

† The commission is separate from any presidential physical and mental health commission related to the ongoing discussions and debate under the 25th Amendment reignited by publication of journalist Michael Wolff's new book "Fire and Fury" (BBC, Trump's Mental Health and Why People are Discussing It).

†† Our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house uses a uniquely bizarre definition of "truth". It constantly expresses hatred for the media, repeatedly calling it "the enemy of the people", which is an expression typically associated with authoritarian, dictatorial, and other malevolent forms of state governance, not a President of the United States!

If you're a leader that is responsible for ensuring the welfare of our citizens and you call the media "the enemy of the people" you should immediately leave the government. And expect the media and our citizens to vehemently oppose you until you do so!

UPDATED 12/04/2018 LAT, No surprise: Trump didn't give up old Twitter habits for the new year
and NYTOpEd, The Republicans’ Fake Investigations and Atlantic, Is Something Neurologically Wrong With Donald Trump?

Our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al kicks off the new year with more disjointed rectum-ramblings...a psychiatrist† might refer to its disjointed rectum-ramblings as disorganized schizophrenic speech?...

...don't forget to laugh...NewYorkerSatire, Tillerson Caught Under Trump’s Desk Disconnecting Button

...the media and comedians† are trying to help us understand the meaning of our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al's unorganized tweets with disjointed phrases like "she put Classified Passwords into hands of foreign agents" and "remember pictures on submarine" and "jail" and "Deep State Justice Dept must finally act" and "Also on Comey & others" and...etc...

† Evidently our psychiatrists and mental health professionals are ethically prohibited from publicly commenting on the mental health of our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al.? (HHS-NCBI, Language in schizophrenia Part 1: an Introduction and Language in schizophrenia Part 2: What can psycholinguistics bring to the study of schizophrenia…and vice versa?)

UPDATED 12/31/2017 01/02/2018 Atlantic, What Russian Journalists Uncovered About Russian Election Meddling

...don't forget to laugh...NewYorkerSatire, Paul Ryan Says He Will Retire Once He Has Wrecked Country...(also, Atlantic, The 2018 Congressional Retirement Tracker)...guess if you're retiring or not returning extreme and destructive legislation is easier to enact...
"...After-tax incomes for the bottom 20 percent would decline by an average of 11 percent, or $1,560 (rounding to the nearest $10).  Average after-tax income would fall by 1.2 percent, or $690, for middle-income households.

On the other hand, households in the top 40 percent would be better off on average after the financing is included (relative to a baseline without the tax cuts).  Those in the top 0.1 percent would still gain, on average, more than $190,000..."--Brookings on Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, (TCJA)--

UPDATED 12/30/2017 NYT, How the Russia Inquiry Began: A Campaign Aide, Drinks and Talk of Political Dirt

...obviously this is "fake news" since it blows up our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al's. delusional disinformation diatribe discrediting the "deep-state dossier"...or as China might say, the facts are not in accordance with the delusion...

UPDATED 12/29/2017 NPR, FACT CHECK: Trump's 'New York Times' Interview On Russia, Taxes, Health Care And More and USAToday, Trump: 'I Have Absolute Right to do What I want to do with the Justice Department' and NYT, Excerpts From Trump’s Interview With The Times and NYT, Trump Says Russia Inquiry Makes U.S. 'Look Very Bad' and VanityFair, Trump’s Rambling New York Times Interview Reveals A Mind In Denial

One might think an American president would quickly learn, after where the bathroom is, that as president you have only one absolute resign.

How long before our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. terminates Special Counsel Mueller's investigation "for the good of America"?

UPDATED 12/28/2017 NEJM, President Trump’s Mental Health — Is It Morally Permissible for Psychiatrists to Comment?

Our "new" alt-white-house is so obviously unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced that professionals are unnecessary, but this will not always be the case. Our citizenry have a right to expect that responsible professionals will supply reliable information on the current and expected physical and mental health status of our elected leaders...

...don't forget to laugh...

UPDATED 12/27/2017 BrookingsEditorial, Trump in 2018: Will resistance to the Republicans kick into high gear?
"...As expected, President Trump is testing the durability of those safeguards. He remains very much the person we saw during the campaign—a narcissistic, mendacious grifter lacking empathy, curiosity, knowledge of government and policy, or sense of the history and majesty of self-government. There is no evidence of him learning or adjusting on the job. His major source of information appears to be right-wing cable news shows. He is consumed with his own public standing, attacking anyone who would dare criticize him and basking in the compliments from strongmen abroad. The subject that worries him the most—Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation of Russian efforts to influence our 2016 election—could well unleash a 21st century version of Richard Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre.

There is now no doubt that Republican leaders in Congress struck a Faustian bargain of accepting the illiberal behavior of President Trump in return for realizing the radical policies on their Gilded Age wish list. The tax bill passed in the closing days of the year—a substantive and procedural monstrosity underscoring the phoniness of Trump’s populist promises to the “forgotten men and women” of America—sealed the deal. Anti-Trump Republicans in Congress have vanished and with them any hopes of congressional oversight and pushback of Trump’s autocratic, kleptocratic behavior. We are on a path to a kakistocracy—governing by the least competent and most corrupt—which fits a party whose only animating principle is to cut taxes and government..."--Brookings--
The Republican leaders' Faustian bargain is empty of knowledge and will likely cost them power. Ironically, cheered on by the evangelicals...the beauty of irony is boundless!

Psst...our Constitution and institutions are holding and will no small part because of media and editorials like the above.

Although, we cannot count on future wannabe strongmen to be so obviously unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced as our "new" alt-white-house, so we must "up our game" when it comes to analyzing information, picking leaders, and voting (Atlantic, American Elections Remain Unprotected and DEFCON25, Voting Machine Hacking Village and Reuters, Russian Researchers Expose Breakthrough U.S. Spying Program; Our policymakers have been aware of our digital voting machine security vulnerabilities for well over a decade...which the Russians† et al. confirms. The beauty of irony is boundless!).

† Our government has banned the use of Kaspersky Lab software within a United States federal agency, which prompted Kaspersky Lab to sue our government.

UPDATED 12/26/2017 USAToday, Trump, post-Christmas, pledges to replace Obamacare and condemns Russia probe and APNews, AP FACT CHECK: Trump on Making Christmas Great Again and NYMag, Trump Again Claims, Wrongly, That Obamacare Has Been Repealed

Disabusing our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house and its obsequious sycophants of their delusional notion(s) is a fools mission!

The only nonmedical help our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. should receive is that necessary and sufficient to immediately leave the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

...don't forget to laugh...

UPDATED 12/23/2017 USAToday, Officials: U.S. agrees to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine and WP, Trump campaign guts GOP’s anti-Russia stance on Ukraine

Recall, Trump-campaign representatives around summer 2016 were successful in amending the Republican party platform by removing "lethal defensive weaponry" support for Ukraine and replacing it with "appropriate assistance".

Now, the media are publishing that our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. will approve the sale of 35 Javelin shoulder missile launchers and 210 missiles to Ukraine.

The beauty of irony is boundless!

UPDATED 12/23/2017 WP, ‘Sycophant’: Mike Pence provides teachable moment for and C-SPAN, President Trump Cabinet Meeting and C-SPAN, Tax Reform†, South Lawn [and what about those "sycophants" outside on the south lawn steps?]

Some might say "vacuous sycophant" or puppetry in pursuit of reprehensible and loathsome purposes (e.g. denial of healthcare, gutting government protections of: civil rights; environment ; disabled; voting etc., official sectarianism, harmful distributional imbalances, dangerous dogma, disdain for decency, contempt for cogency etc.)..."make America great again"...USAToday, Will Trump's lows ever hit rock bottom? [Nope!]...

†  SA, The Republican Tax Bill Will Devastate Science

...don't forget to laugh...have a "Happy Holiday" "Merry Christmas"...and vote...

UPDATED 12/22/2017 Reuters, Defying Trump, over 120 Countries at U.N. Condemn Jerusalem Decision and NYT, Defying Trump, U.N. General Assembly Condemns U.S. Decree on Jerusalem and USN, We're Having the Wrong Debate on Trump's Mental Health and NewYorker, The Most Frightening Aspect of Trump’s Tax Triumph

Our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. continue chanting its slogans like "make America great again", "America First", etc. as the entire world is literally refusing to follow America!...even our  unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. and its congressional supporters will find it difficult to lead when nobody follows...

When so many nations oppose you it's easier to understand why your nation might turn toward delusions, prayer, nationalism, me-only-me-first sloganeering, pouting, threatening or withdrawal from the world...being "great" or "first" is trivial with only two elements in the set {America,∅}!...

UPDATED 12/19/2017 WP, In Battle with Mueller, Trump Has a Big Advantage That Nixon Did Not

...Our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. is also likely benefiting from an overtly obsequiously opportunistic Republican congressional majority...who wants to pronounce the presidential political corpse dead...until even those with impaired olfactory function are complaining about the decay and stench?

UPDATED 12/19/2017 NYT, Trump’s Nation Security Plan Warns of ‘Great Power Competition’ With Russia and China and C-SPAN2, National Security Strategy Address and LAT, Read the Full Text of President Trump’s national Security Strategy

Our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. can best carry out its proposed national security strategy† by immediately leaving, resigning, or otherwise vacating the Executive Office of the President of the United States (e.g. impeachment).

† Labeling China a revisionist state simplistically ignores China's complex and challenging entanglement with the status quo—kinda like labeling Britain revisionist for trying to "leave the EU"...or more diplomatically "have their cake and eat it too" or as the Chinese might say, "you can't have the fish and bear's paw" 鱼与熊掌,不可兼得...more on...Hegemonic Stability Theory?).

Ironically, without a State Department and with a $700B defense budget to justify simplicity is all you can "afford"? It's not useful to commingle the very different nations of China and Russia when using the "revisionist state" concept...belligerents, unlike diplomats are not good at resolving their conflicts with discovered synergies. (Reuters, China Urges Cooperation After U.S. Brands it a Competitor [and revisionist])

"...Beijing and President Xi Jinping understand — at least for now — that the international order serves China’s interests. China remains, by and large, a status quo power. President Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, is defiantly facing down the international order, railing against rules he believes no longer serve his government. Russia has adopted a revanchist revisionist foreign policy.

In the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine, President Putin articulated a nationalist agenda, claiming his intention to establish “Novo Russia,” or New Russia in south and east Ukraine and to protect the “Russkiy Mir” the Russian World defined according to Russia’s ethnic, linguistic and cultural sphere of influence..."--Evelyn N. Farkas, Ethnic conflict: A Glaring Omission in Trump's National Security Strategy--
One might think that "Russkiy Mir" is the last justification Putin would assert for invading a sovereign Ukraine. Surely a "new" Russia has enough grain given its record-breaking 2017 harvest?

...don't forget to laugh...

UPDATED 12/16/2017 SA, Trump to CDC: These Seven Words Are Now Forbidden and Hill, EPA Consultant is Investigating Anti-Trump 'Resistance' Within the Agency: Report MoJo, The EPA Hired a Major Republican Opposition Research Firm to Track Press Activity, It promises “war room” style media monitoring and Slate, How to Build a Dictatorship

...more rectum-ramblings from our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al...and a Republican Party Congress unable to govern...fortunately, the "CDC" set of seven words, {evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus} does not include the words f^ck, you, Scott, and Pruitt...

UPDATED 12/16/2017 WP, Doubting the Intelligence, Trump Pursues Putin and Leaves a Russian Threat Unchecked and KremlinEn, Vladimir Putin’s Annual News Conference and WT, Vladimir Putin dismisses collusion talk with Trump campaign as ‘spy-mania’

Wow, did our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. really telephone the Kremlin to thank Putin for his comments on "investor confidence" in our capitalist stock market (not the economy; maybe lost in translation?) and get his take on Russia's interference in our 2016 election (@1:05:50 of Guardian Translation)...the beauty of irony is boundless!?

...don't forget to laugh...

UPDATED 12/14/2017 NYT, Alabama Election Results: Doug Jones Defeats Roy Moore in U.S. Senate Race and WP, As Democrats add Senate seat, GOP left to cast blame over Alabama failure and Atlantic, African American Voters Made Doug Jones a U.S. Senator in Alabama

Really!,...1.5% is all that the Alabamians could muster to separated our national government from flotsam and jetsam like Roy Moore?! That Moore was locally elected and reelected in Alabama for decades before encountering a national and international buzz saw indicts our entire nation.

We need to develop and apply a regimen of "local sanctions" to those states unable or unwilling to jettison their "racist and religious" (WP, Exit Poll Vote Demographics) past to join America in the "real" 21st century.

...fortunately an inanimate book cannot "rage on" and your ignorant ilk must do the "raging on"...good luck with your "battle" to preserve your brand of white racist religiosity in Alabama...don't forget to laugh...

UPDATED 12/13/2017 FP, America Is Heading for an Unprecedented Constitutional Crisis

Yes, our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. and the Republican Party are attempting to pursue an extreme partisan party path, which envisions the unconstrained exercise of national power. But, our Constitution and institutions are quite capable of truncating such partisan party pursuits, in spite of the incessant and vehement attacks on both.

There is neither anything unprecedented and historic nor surprising about such partisan party pursuits, except that our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al, chose to involve an international power in the pursuit!†††

Ironically, under a nationalist's banner of "make America great, again" and a coven of witch-hunt...ers...the beauty of irony is boundless!

Evidently, the "witch-hunt...ers" are hunting new witches:

...don't forget to laugh...

††† Reuters, Commentary: Blame Russia. But not too much.
"...The West needs to be alert to Russian meddling, and giving people the information they need to detect it is important. But if the West is tempted to make Moscow take the blame for all its ills, it will end up furthering the Kremlin’s strategy more than Putin might ever have hoped..."--Reuters Commentary, Dec 05, 2017--

Unfortunately, the Republican Party et al's. extreme partisan party path will not solve the problems generating the concerns of those citizens voting for our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al.

We can expect to hear a lot more sophist logic using "crooked Hillary", "fake media", "deep state", "corrupt FBI", "witch-hunt" etc...all self-inflicted by Americans!

UPDATED 12/10/2017 Reuters, Special Counsel Mueller filing shows Manafort drafted Ukraine op-ed despite gag order and NYT, F.B.I. Warned Hope Hicks About Emails From Russian Operatives and NYT, Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation and NYT, The G.O.P. Is Rotting (Brooks) and NewYorker, Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and the Degradation of the G.O.P. [the G.O.P has decayed beyond recognition and repair or in military lingo, FUBAR. ]

...don't forget to laugh...

...or not...a running list of accused herassers, which now includes...

UPDATED 12/08/2017 Reuters, One dead, scores hurt in Palestinian 'Day of Rage' over Jerusalem and USAToday, Hamas leader calls for new 'intifada' after Trump's Jerusalem move amid 'days of rage' and Reuters, British PM May disagrees with U.S. decision to move embassy to Jerusalem: spokesman

Our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. saying, "that the peace process has become moribund, and outdated policies need to be jettisoned" throws a grenade into the Middle East peace process...grenade throwing "is so easy, believe you me"!

Everything is easy when you know nothing, do nothing, or assert "god" solves everything—cleaning up the grenade's mess will be a little more difficult—it turns out "god" doesn't do explosives cleanup.

UPDATED 12/08/2017 Atlantic, A Missing Piece Falls Into Place in the Saga of Michael Flynn and WP, A tale of 3 Trump-Russia ‘smoking guns’ in 36 hours

...don't forget to laugh...NewYorkerSatire, Trump’s Slurred Speech Tied to Low Battery in Putin’s Remote

UPDATED 12/05/2017 Reuters, Deutsche Bank Gets Subpoena from Mueller on Trump Accounts: Source and Guardian, Trump's personal banking information handed over to Robert Mueller and MeetThePress, Feinstein: Senate Russia probe building obstruction case against Trump and WT, Mueller’s Russia probe cost $3.2M in first four months (as of September 30, 2017; likely closer to $5M $7M as of now)

Congratulations Senator Feinstein, a blind person can "see" that our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. has obstructed justice and continues its efforts††† to impede investigations into Russia's interference with our Presidential Election of 2016.

What's equally troubling for the future of our nation is the number of members who do not see, refuse to see, or actively aid in the obstruction! Perhaps,it has something to do with a generational shift and the fact that members seem to think it benefits our nation to have septuagenarian or octogenarian leaders—it does not!

Our country has a destructive dearth of diverse dynamic young (i.e. age 40-60s) leaders prepared to guide our nation into the 21st century! It's irrelevant that a current septuagenarian or octogenarian leader thinks they are fit. Some may in fact be fit, but they should have stepped aside decades ago.

...don't forget to laugh...NewYorkerSatire, Nazis Feeling Neglected After Republicans’ Embrace of Child Molesters and NewYorkerSatire, Trump’s Lawyer Claims to Be Voice on “Access Hollywood” Tape

††† Lately, our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. has directed its rectum-ramblings to impugn the entire FBI after Special Counsel Mueller announced a plea agreement by a former campaign operative cum fired national security advisor.

UPDATED 12/02/2017 WP, Did Trump’s tweet about Michael Flynn’s guilty plea just admit something it shouldn’t have?

How long before our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. is saying that Michael Flynn is an intelligence operative sent by Obama or Hillary or both to sabotage his "big beautiful" [?]!!!

UPDATED 12/01/2017 DOJ Download, Flynn's Acceptance of Plea Agreement (Document 3, pdf) and Atlantic, Democrats Warn Against White House Interference in Russia Inquiry and Atlantic, If Flynn Is Small Fry, Who’s the Bigger Fish in Mueller’s Net? and Reuters, Flynn pleads guilty on Russia, reportedly ready to testify against Trump and Atlantic, Mike Pompeo at State Would Enable Trump's Worst Instincts and NYT, Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the F.B.I. and Bloomberg, Flynn Admits to Lying, Says Trump Team Knew of His Russia Talks and BBC, Trump-Russia: Michael Flynn admits lying to FBI and Atlantic, Rex Tillerson’s Slow-Motion Exit and NYT, Trump Pressed Top Republicans to End Senate Russia Inquiry and NYT,White House Plans Tillerson Ouster From State Dept., to Be Replaced by Pompeo

It seems astonishing that anybody remains at our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house...not even the mouse is waiting till Christmas Eve before evacuating!

...don't forget to laugh...TheNewYorker, White House: All Women Named Theresa Represent Real Threat...

UPDATED 12/01/2017 Reuters, Trump calls for boycott of television network CNN: tweet and Guardian, Donald Trump attacks Theresa May over her criticism of his far-right retweets

...more rectum-ramblings from our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house...guess this means we won't be hearing or reading stories about our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house grabbing the Prime Minister's pussy vagina...

...don't forget to laugh...

UPDATED 11/27/2017 Atlantic, The Nationalist's Delusion and NYT, Why Trump Stands by Roy Moore, Even as It Fractures His Party and WP, Trump is reportedly suggesting the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape was fake news. He should talk to 2016 Trump

Must our citizenry rank our politicians as "pussy grabbing",  "racist pussy grabbing",  "racist pussy grabbing pervert endorsing", or "racist pussy grabbing pervert endorsing peeing on women politicians"...etc. before voting??!!! Gives a new meaning to "rank-choice voting"—"malordous-choice voting".

...don't forget to laugh...NewYorkerSatire, Trump Claims Voice on “Access Hollywood” Tape Is Actually Hillary Clinton Imitating Him...


UPDATED 11/25/2017 WP, The shrinking profile of Jared Kushner and NYT, Jared Kushner’s Vast Duties, and Visibility in White House, Shrink

Whatever will our nation do about Middle East Peace, China and Mexico Relations, Government Innovation, Criminal Justice Reform, etc. without our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house's unreal wunderkind?

UPDATED 11/21/2017 FP, How Jared Kushner’s Newspaper Became a Favorite Outlet for WikiLeaks Election Hacks
UPDATED 11/21/2017 Reuters, Resignation letter of Zimbabwe's Mugabe Doesn't Mention Who He Leaves In Charge and BBC, Zimbabwe's President Mugabe Resigns

Zimbabwe's thug resigns, which our nation can only "pray" presages the upcoming resignation of our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house cum obsequious sympathizer sycophant of thugs.

...don't forget to laugh...

UPDATED 11/20/2017 Hill, Trump Jr. Spoke Briefly Last Year With Russian Banker With Putin ties and WP, Where the Trump Campaign and Russian Actors Overlapped and WP, ‘A Long Winter’: White House Aides Divided Over Scope, Risks of Russia Probe and ABCNews, Special counsel sends wide-ranging request for documents to Justice Department

Our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. should talk with Zimbabwe's Mugabe before he resigns or is impeached.

...don't forget to laugh...

UPDATED 11/20/2017 Reuters, Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings and Reuters, Ivanka and the fugitive from Panama and Reuters, Mugabe Defies Demands To Quit As Zimbabwe's Leader After Party Fires Him and USN, Will Zimbabwe's Mugabe Resign or Be Impeached?

Does this presage how our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. will leave?

UPDATED 11/18/2017 VanityFair, Inside Trump’s Cruel Campaign Against the U.S.D.A.’S Scientists

Americans who think or rely on its antithesis, prayer to make sure our nation will not ever endure a famine may want to understand what the co-conspiring misfits of our unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house et al. aren't doing at the USDA.

VOA, US, South Korea Begin Drills in Warning to the North


 1. If "your" American dream involves:
disinformation, dishonesty, dictatorship, delusions, dissembling, destruction, disproportion, denigration, deception, deities, dogma, denial-of-[facts, science, reality, climate-change, etc] discrimination, dystopia, devious-[anything], duplicity, draconian-[anything], duress, disingenuous, dotage, dickheads, disgrace, dementia or [fill-in e.g. dysphoria]
do not accept, participate-in, or run-for any government leadership position.

If you're currently in a government leadership position (e.g. senator, agency head, cabinet, deputy, senior executive, congressperson, president, vice president etc.) immediately leave, retire, resign, or otherwise vacate the position.

2. The CBO's estimated cost of plans to develop, sustain, and field existing and future nuclear forces between 2017-2046 is 1,242,000,000,000.00 (i.e. a whopping $1.242 Trillion in 2017 dollars!).

North Korea:

Originally Published December 30, 2017; Last Updated January 11, 2018; Last Republished January 10, 2018:

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