Monday, April 15, 2019

Electing A Wannabe Authoritarian Will Not Make You Free

Ironically the GOP/RNC cum RAG Party and citizenry have elected a wannabe authoritarian hoping he will make them free...the beauty of irony is boundless...

...this time our nation is lucky to have elected a wannabe authoritarian so conspicuously unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced that he has self is unwise to depend on luck in future elections...this media presentation from the "enemy of the people" (aka New York Times) may help envision living under authoritarian governance...


UPDATED 04/15/2019 NYT, Trump’s Message to Homeland Security Official: Close the Border Despite an Earlier Promise of a Delay

...sometimes you just have to stop asking "how we got in this mess" or "how we get out of it" and prepare to cleanup the debris field...the good news is that America will never be the same post cleanup...

...don't forget to laugh...NewYorkerSatire, Americans Fear That Former Trump Staffers Will Be Released Into Their Cities and TheOnion, William Barr Agrees To Release Nonverbal, Abstract Visual Representation Of Mueller Report

UPDATED 04/11/2019 NYT, Attorney General William Barr Thinks ‘Spying Did Occur’ on Trump Campaign and Newsweek, William Barr Is Redefining What "Spying" Means, AG Barr is on a mission to destroy the Department of Justice he's hired to run, without a scintilla of evidence...he hasn't gone off the rails, he's plowing them's not too late to start a prologue impeachment to the impeachment...

...don't forget to laugh...NewYorkerSatire, Trump Names Lori Loughlin Education Secretary

UPDATED 04/15/2019 FP, U.S. Firms Are Helping Build China’s Orwellian State and Bloomberg, This Company Is Helping Build China’s Panopticon. It Won’t Stop There (Nov 2018) and MIT, MIT and SenseTime Announce Effort to Advance Artificial Intelligence Research (Feb 2018) [MIT has recently announced stricter oversight of its cooperation-corroboration with some authoritarian entities (e.g. China, House of Saud etc.)]
UPDATED 04/07/2019 Guardian, Bulldozing Mosques: The Latest Tactic in China’s War Against Uighur Culture
NYT, Guantánamo Trials Grapple With How Much Evidence to Allow About Torture

Originally Published April 05, 2019; Last Updated April 15, 2019; Last Republished April 15, 2019:

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