Thursday, December 5, 2019

....This Is A Finding Of Fact, Unfolding Of The Truth...

...and then a decision will be made and that is a decision that goes beyond me...but we're not dominated by the polls...what we're dominated by are the facts and the truth and I do believe the truth will set us free...there are many things that the president does that are completely out of the question that are not impeachable...and they're about the election...

...but when it comes to violating the Constitution of the United States, as he undermines our national security, jeopardizes the integrity of our elections1, dishonors his own oath of office...that's about impeachment...I really have a real discomfort level of responding to what Republicans say because they are in denial about what has happened in the country... --from the below video interview with Speaker Pelosi--

...the majority in the Senate et al. are behaving like a parent who enters a room to discover their toddler is smearing feces on the wall and joins in hoping to create a Picasso...


UPDATED 12/05/2019 C-SPAN, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Articles of Impeachment

...the Speaker of the United States articulates a bright-line between behavior that is impeachable and partisan...blur the line at your own risk, so says our Founding Fathers and Madame Speaker...attempt to erase that line and you'll be immediately impeached...

UPDATED 12/05/2019 C-SPAN, LIVE: House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

UPDATED 12/03/2019 WP, House Intelligence Committee’s Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report (latest  document posted to the growing collection of impeachment documents; 60 to date)

Document Cloud PDF

UPDATED 11/21/2019 C-SPAN, House Speaker Weekly Briefing


1. ...impeachment and removal is the only way to lawfully, peaceably and reliably end a constitutional threat presented by any president's willingness to ask for, accept, or coerce foreign electoral definition the president's own action(s) has removed elections as the customarily reliable method of  preserving a democracy (republic)..

...contrast this with the Judiciary's power to annul an election to meet the same ends...

Originally Published November 18, 2019; Last Updated December 05, 2019: Last Republished December 05, 2019:

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