Monday, March 15, 2021

Clowns, Clicks, Conspiracy, China, And CoVID-19

The Lancet Statement of Support
for all those working to
Contain COVID-19
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Web: and weep over our nation's choices that turned a small viral cluster into a ginormous clusterf#%k...hopefully when the next potential pandemic strikes our nation the sociopaths, incompetents and sycophants will not impede our public health professionals' prompt response...

"...Any pandemic management strategy relying upon immunity from natural infections [oft incorrectly referred to as herd immunity] for COVID-19 is flawed..."

UPDATED 07/24/2020 Assessing the US government response to the coronavirus Article by Daniel M. Gerstein; published in the Journal Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (article access is free until Oct 1, 2020)

 "...Unfortunately, the federal government’s response to the coronavirus makes it seem as though we are participating in a come as you are pandemic with a “bring your own” approach to resources, rather than a well-coordinated and resourced global and national response..."

"...In terms of sources, top-down misinformation from politicians, celebrities, and other prominent public figures made up just 20% of the claims in our sample but accounted for 69% of total social media engagement. While the majority of misinformation on social media came from ordinary people, most of these posts seemed to generate far less engagement...In terms of formats, most (59%) of the misinformation in our sample involves various forms of reconfiguration, where existing and often true information is spun, twisted, recontextualised, or reworked. Less misinformation (38%) was completely fabricated. Despite a great deal of recent concern, we find no examples of deepfakes in our sample. Instead, the manipulated content includes ‘cheapfakes’ produced using much simpler tools. The reconfigured misinformation accounts for 87% of social media interactions in the sample; the fabricated content 12%... " --Reuters Institute, Brennan et al, 2020--

...affordable comprehensive healthcare for all our citizens will need regulators to cut market distortions that enable healthcare providers to substitute rent-seeking for creative behavior (keeps Ezekiel hopeful)...

...a world-class healthcare system for all our citizens is on the transition path from plantation nation to preeminent nation...

APNews, China delayed releasing coronavirus info, frustrating WHO...and thus the global community's ability to speedily respond...a discovering country or person is never justified in failing to immediately carry out its absolute duty to immediately and continuously let know of a potential novel infectious disease is irrelevant that another nation's leadership is so inadequate or incompetent that it does no or cannot act on the notification...

WSJ, Doctors Are Tweeting About Coronavirus to Make Facts Go Viral  and ProPublica,  “Immune to Evidence”: How Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracies Spread  ...repeated posting and reposting of the facts is a vaccine against the CoVid-2 misinformation and disinformation, which the unfit occupant of our White House  et al. are  propagating ...sadly during this period when our "ship of state" has capsized our doctors are caring for the victims of both the epidemic (pandemic) and infodemic...

...dogma and doctrine are ingredients of disjointed decision making....
(NYMag, Georgia Risks Second Coronavirus Wave With Sudden Reopening)

...the disjointed response by doctor Birx to the criminally insufficient federal government CoV-2 testing (viral and antibody) is laughable...speaking of laughable, don't forget to laugh during these challenging times...

"...While scientists are trying to share facts about the epidemic, the administration either blocks those facts or restates them with contradictions...I  don’t expect politicians to know Maxwell’s equations for electromagnetism or the Diels-Alder chemical reaction (although I can dream). But you can’t insult science when you don’t like it and then suddenly insist on something that science can’t give on demand...A vaccine has to have a fundamental scientific basis. It has to be manufacturable. It has to be safe. This could take a year and a half—or much longer...But do us a favor, Mr. President. If you want something, start treating science and its principles with respect..."
Sorry, the pathological lying sociopath clown occupying the White House is incapable of treating anyone with respect, including himself.

"...A pandemic is more than a disease. It tests a society’s health systems, its government and politicians, and its economy..." --Economist, Editor-In-Chief, Zanny Minton Beddoes--

...the nation's clown in chief  and his Court Jester Mick Mulvaney et al. are clueless about governance and balefully clueless about governance during a probable pandemic...prevarication and perversity are not helpful in containing a probable pandemic...maybe the clown in chief's obsequious sycophantic senators can "help" him contain the probable pandemic...

Trump Calls Coronavirus Fear The Dems' 'New Hoax' As More Cases Confirmed

Trump Holds Coronavirus Press Conference

...designated researchers and infectious disease professions have a need and duty to continuously access and share the best available data on an infectious diseases, including applicable long term antibody data for a population... (anonymized when appropriate)...

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