Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The First Amendment Is Not A Fraud Amendment

Our First Amendment should not become a fraud amendment by assigning "free speech" or "religious" labels to mythinformation, misinformation, or disinformation.


"...The reasons for the anti-vaccine movements mistrusting vaccines are diverse, but in the United States and Europe the belief that the risks of vaccines outweigh their benefits is especially prevalent. That vaccines are an artificial intervention into natural processes and that it is less dangerous to let nature run its course.

If you understand the mechanisms of the immune system and how immunity is created, this idea quickly loses all power because vaccines and diseases both do the same thing: They create Memory Cells by triggering an immune reaction. But while pathogens do this by attacking the body and causing a huge amount of stress, which carries the very real risks of various long-term consequences including death, vaccines arrive at the same goal, without all the risks of diseases..." --Immune, by Philipp Dettmer--

The area between the black and blue curves is a partial measure of the permanent carnage (i.e. death) inflicted on the unvaccinated.

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