Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Democracy and Discontent

Democracy is a process that enable leaders to provide balanced responses to citizens' discontent and interests.

Interestingly, a multi-party political system, while preferable is not a prerequisite for  an extant democracy. For example the current Republican Party while professing to be "for the people"excludes many of our citizens from political participation, usually under the rubric of "States Rights" using a variety of gimmicks, ruses and artifices. If you can exclude citizens then any responsiveness to their discontent and interests becomes irrelevant. Assuming the Democrats' leaders  continue providing a balanced response to the discontent and interests of all citizens you've created a de facto single party democracy.

The Republican Party and its followers' use of dogma to obviate their responsiveness to our citizenry's discontent and interests strengthens the case for a de facto single party democracy. According to their dogma "God, Markets, and Prayers" are the responsive constructs  to our citizenry.

The Democratic Party must stop pretending that the Republican Party is part of our multi-party system of democracy and call it what it is - a dogma spewing deceptive dictatorship requiring immediate removal and replacement.

1. The Republican Party is highly likely to be "for the people" - just not for the people participating in their own governance. 

It is likely that some leaders of the Republican Party are using populism for undemocratic ends, but it would be significant error to generalize those ends to all Americans  identifying with the Republican Party. [Those interested in sorting the (un)democratic ends may find this short article (pdf): Populism, Authoritarianism and Constitutionalism helpful?]

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