Sunday, March 27, 2022

Kudos President Biden, NATO, and Heads Of State

Kudos to President Biden, NATO, and Heads Of State on the March 24th statement...

...(full statement by NATO Heads of State and Government)...Yes, China and other nations must choose between changing the international system by force or abetting others and participating in that international system...perhaps NATO, UN et al. can regularize the process for routinely and quickly disconnecting nations from the international system ("dis[russia]nification") choosing change by force?


"... For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power..."--President Biden--

Our international community and its heads of state must implement the processes and procedure necessary and sufficient to enable more explicit condemnation (e.g. "...Tragically, President Putin's actions have reduced his future to a cage and coffin...")  of a rogue colleague, who has invaded another nation without provocation or justification; pathologically lied, implicitly threatened nuclear annihilation, bombed civilians, starved villages, destroyed hospitals, obliterated culturally significant objects, silenced opposition, and etc. 

last updated 03/27/2022

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