Monday, February 26, 2024

Are AIs Doing Something Like Human Reasoning

 You Judge

You may find this special issue of New Scientist: The AI Revolution (requires subscription) helpful as "you judge"...

"...First, these systems are not yet reliable. Nor are they conscious. They’re not deciding to do anything that might be harmful to us. The real potential for harm is in humans using them, and therefore we do need to regulate them.

Second, just because we don’t understand precisely how they work yet doesn’t mean they’re magic. It’s just that they’re very complex. We will be able to understand them. We just need to do the science, and to do the science we need these systems not to be entirely in the hands of for-profit corporations...

Third, ..."

--Melanie Mitchell, New Scientist 22 April 2023 p49--

The Right Way to Regulate AI by Alondra Nelson (download pdf)


I wonder if advanced aging senior "deep neural networks" will conduct a reflective retirement review of their lifetime work...probably not without a memory.

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“...The problem is that the task of prediction is not equivalent to the task of understanding,” said Allyson Ettinger, a computational linguist at the University of Chicago..."

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