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Monday, August 4, 2014

Reason Rally 2012

Originally Published March 25, 2012; Last Updated August 04, 2014; Last Republished August 04, 2014:

Nontheists hold Reason Rally on the National Mall, an implicit challenge to those professing religiosity, a belief in God, and theist dogma.


A challenge well summarized by another British freethinker, John Maynard Keynes:
"...The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones,..."1

UPDATED 08/04/2014
BBC, The stigma of being an atheist in the US

You might rightly suppose that a significant number of our politicians professing a belief in "God" have conclusively demonstrated for our citizenry, if not the world, the absence of any correlation between "God" and morality.

UPDATED 12/23/2013 UPI, U.S. Belief in God Down, Belief In Theory of Evolution Up
UPDATED 11/03/2013 UPI, Texas Student Suspended for Ripping Up Bible and American Humanist Asso., Texas Student Suspended for Tearing Bible Pages At School and Star Telegram, Birdville Student Suspended for Ripping Bible

Careful oversight is required of our school administrators, which may tend to apply subjective criteria or dogma when perceiving or interpreting our students' "disruptive behavior", particularly if a student's speech is perceived as challenging or threatening entrenched and plurality ideology.

Our nation has a foundational and vested interest in our students' capacity to dynamically develop flexible conceptual formation and learning strategies. Rarely, if ever will punishment, repression or coercion substitute for guidance by extraordinary individuals with boundless creativity, a perverse sense of humor and an ability to eschew static conceptual formation or application of dogma.

While such extraordinary individuals may not choose to shred a book to express displeasure with its content or its perceived role in oppression, it's hardly disruptive of any desirable school's learning environment. In fact it quite tangibly indicates that the school's learning environment, to the extent it exists at all, is grossly deficient.

UPDATED 04/14/2013 MJ, Texas Congressman Cites Noah's Ark As Evidence Against Climate Change

A congressman espousing such drivel is not representing constituents, but delusions.

UPDATED 08/26/2012 ABCNews, Atheist Summer Camp Is Heaven on Earth for Nonbelievers

It's wonderful that our nontheist youth have opportunities to interact with other nontheists—they must be provided many opportunities to develop their concepts independent of those that conflate a belief in fairytales with morality.

NationalPost, Richard Dawkins tells atheist gathering ‘We are far more numerous than anybody realizes’
WP, Nonbelievers rally in D.C. for recognition, respect


1. John Maynard Keynes, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, 1935, @ preface vii