Friday, July 2, 2021

Clowns, Clicks, Conspiracy, China, And CoVID-19

The Lancet Statement of Support
for all those working to
Contain COVID-19
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...opacity, nationalism and claims of victimization will slow ending the current pandemic, discovering its origin(s) and preventing  preparing or responding to the next one...

☣ Preventing implies pandemics are predictable, which is highly likely wrong...that is the prior pandemic is independent of the next...think earthquakes...preparing for the next pandemic is highly likely right... and weep over our nation's choices that turned a small viral cluster into a ginormous clusterf#%k...hopefully when the next potential pandemic strikes our nation the sociopaths, incompetents and sycophants will not impede our public health professionals' prompt response...

"...Any pandemic management strategy relying upon immunity from natural infections [oft incorrectly referred to as herd immunity] for COVID-19 is flawed..."

UPDATED 07/24/2020 Assessing the US government response to the coronavirus Article by Daniel M. Gerstein; published in the Journal Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (article access is free until Oct 1, 2020)

Monday, May 10, 2021

CZ-5B Splashes Down West of Kudahuvadhoo Island in the Maldives

 said China's National Space Agency:

[UPDATED] On May 9th a didactic U.S. Space Command  unhelpfully reminded us that it is "unknown if the [CZ-5B] debris impacted land or water"...maybe our space command can tell us where its calculations show the biggest piece of the CZ-5B landed?

Monday, August 31, 2020

Fear Never Builds The Future


"Fear Never Builds The Future"

Biden's Pittsburgh Speech, Today

It is highly likely that the ancestors decedents of American slaves will rescue our democracy from destruction by the ancestors decedents of American slave owners...irony's beauty is boundless.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Is Georgia's Secretary Of State Criminally Suppressing Voters Updated08112020

..Is Georgia's secretary of state criminally suppressing voters...former President Carter has called on Brian Kemp to resign...not only must Kemp resign...the DOJ must launch an inquiry...

...the upside of gerrymandering is the possibility of gaining more seats than your expected fair allocation of get this unfair allocation a party must distribute "their" finite number of precious partisan voters across many districts in "just enough numbers" to win, but no more (i. e. "waste" a precious partisan voter) determine what is "just enough" the gerrymanders generally use "historical voting patterns and turnout"... the downside of a gerrymander...enter an ultra qualified charismatic politician who is able to "energize" their voters to turnout in numbers far exceeding the expected historical averages (i.e. Stacey Abrams)...the "just enough" allocation of the precious partisan voters in a particular gerrymandered district is "swamped"...and the opposition wins the gerrymandered district... 

...this may be why Georgia's Secretary of State is very, very, very, concerned with the Democratic turnout...there are not enough reliably Republican voters in the gerrymandered district to cover the huge turnout...enter voter suppression (i.e a method of reducing the excessive turnout to the expected historical averages and those used when drawing the gerrymandered map)...


UPDATED 07/27/2020 AP, expert: Georgia election server showed signs of tampering and Coalition for Good Governance

UPDATED 05/23/2020 LAT, Georgia reopened first. What the data show is a matter of fierce debate

...Georgia's governor extends electoral ruses, artifices and gimmicks to critical healthcare data and information...sacrificing Georgians to Republican Party dogma and deception...

...the GOP/RNC cum RAG Party's antiquated political platform necessitates use of Ruses, Artifices, and Gimmicks (RAG)...lately, their use of Ruses, Artifices, and Gimmicks is transparently flagrant...

...just in case you're tempted to think Georgia is the only [southern?] state the GOP/RNC cum RAG Party is actively using in ruse, artifice, and gimmickry to win elections...

...don't forget to laugh...

"...The DCCC did amazing work in 2018 to win 40 seats. Our challenge is to build on that progress, to fortify and expand our majority...America’s strength has always come from our diversity. That’s why I’m committed to building a leadership team that reflects the tremendous diversity of our House Democrats and our nation..."
"...The more fundamental risk for Republicans is that voters are increasingly savvy about issues like gerrymandering, voting rights and campaign finance, which were once thought to be of great interest to elites but of little relevance to most citizens..."--NYT, With Power Grabs--

...BBC, What's Killing America's White Men? and USAToday, Stepping Back from The Edge...

...the NYT opinion has enough information to order a run-off based on Secretary of State, Bryan Kemp's gross negligence...a scandalous farce where a state's secretary of state "oversees" his own candidacy for governor is not an election...

...the caravan is "marching" like a bunch of D-0 Army recruits...better send Seal Team Six-Red and the 3rd Airborne Group to stop this "invading force"...(AP, Fact Check: President Trump’s Rhetoric and The Truth About Migrant Caravans)...make sure you pack the C-130s with extra MREs, doctors, and medical supplies...the "threat" will welcome offers of nourishment and medical attention...because the "threat" will likely mistake soldiers for border agents be ready to tell the surrendering "threat", in Spanish directions to the nearest border patrol agent... (WP, Trump’s Border Deployments Could Cost $200 Million by Year-End)


1. UPDATED 01/03/2020 Charlotte Observer,  NC Voter ID Law Written with ‘Discriminatory Intent,’ Says Judge Who Just Blocked It and ABCNews, Memorandum Opinion, Order, And Preliminary Injunction Loretta C. Biggs, District Judge (pdf)

...evidence continues to accumulate for requiring a form of the 1965 Voting Rights Act §5 preclearance rules, which the Supreme Court's ideologues invalidated in Shelby County v. Holder, 570 U.S. 529 (2013), leaving the "gods" to sort  out our nation's entrenched partisan regional racism...

...kudos to the local judges who are stepping in to fill the insidiously discriminatory gaps created by the Supreme Court ideologues' Shelby ruling...

UPDATED 12/14/2019 USAToday, Judge Orders 234,000 Purged from Wisconsin Voter Rolls and Texas Settles Lawsuit Over Attempt To Purge Thousands From Voter Rolls

...Georgia is not the only state where the RNC-GOP cum RAG Party is conducting bulk voter roll purge programs...unsurprisingly these bulk programs, disproportionately impact the economically disadvantaged and minority groups...

...everybody concerned about fair (i.e. credible) elections must actively intervene to make sure these "voter roll purges" do not remove a single legitimate...expect these ruses, artifices, and gimmicks (RAGs) to continue into the foreseeable future...

...combining an aggressive "voter roll purge" oversight program, which must receive a copy of any purge letter with an equally aggressive voter registration program is ideal... is a statement from Wisconsin's Elections Commission on Judge Malloy's oral ruling:
Statement regarding decision in voter list case
Date:Fri, 12/13/2019 - 17:30

The Wisconsin Elections Commission issued the following statement in response to Judge Malloy's ruling today in Timothy Zignego et al vs. Wisconsin Election Commission et al:

"We will be analyzing the judge’s oral decision and consulting with the six members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission on next steps. A written order has not been issued yet."
For more information, contact

Reid Magney, public information officer, 608-267-7887,
...the statement should say "We will be overruling Judge Malloy's oral ruling"...

 Originally Published October 31, 2018; Last Updated August 11, 2020; Last Republished August 11, 2020:​


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Least Secretive Of Nations Is The Strongest Of Nations Update-4 Updated 08162020

Originally Published October 28, 2013; Last Updated  August 16, 2020; Last Republished August 11, 2020: 

Our government's unmeasured and unconstrained psychotic pursuit of secret surveillance initiatives undermines and threatens both our democracy and its foundational First Amendment.

Only after the intervention of a courageous young whistleblower-leaker, competitive China and cantankerous Russia has some of our government's representatives begun to acknowledge that our government's secret surveillance initiatives require constraints.

Our government representatives' acknowledgement that its secret surveillance initiatives require constraints is a good beginning. However, the acknowledgement must be coupled with government transparency, significant whistleblower-leaker reforms and inviolable reporter shields, but that will require the intervention of our increasingly concerned citizenry.


The Least Secretive Of Nations Is The Strongest Of Nations Update-3


UPDATED 08/16/2020 Dark Mirror by Barton Gellman, Penguin Press 2020

"...Google accelerated plans to encrypt all its services for consumer and business customers, and it tightened up security inside its cloud, too...The year after our Google cloud exploitation story, Grosse’s team released the source code for a new software library called End-to-End. It was a free tool that other software developers could use for encryption of email. Google security engineers left a blunt fuck-you for the NSA in a comment embedded in the source code, harking back to the smiley face in the cloud cartoon: --ssl-added-and-removed-here-;-)..."--Dark Mirror--

...Gellman's latest book is a timely reminder that our nation must replace its national security paradigm...a replacement paradigm1 that does not need infinite intercept capacity, weak encryption, government accessible keys or policymakers that think surveillance can cut the probability of a surprise to near zero... the replacement paradigm ("PEAD")...People for the Elimination of Authoritarian Dictates)...especially ones that operate with secrecy...

"...Here’s the thing about whistle-blowers: They tend to be flawed messengers. Daniel Ellsberg, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden — each of them was dismissed as selfish, damaged, reckless and crazy. Yet all of them, regardless of motivation, used secret documents to change the course of history.

For more than five years, Val Broeksmit has been dangling his Deutsche Bank files in front of journalists and government investigators, dreaming of becoming the next great American whistle-blower. He wants to expose what he sees as corporate wrongdoing, give some meaning to his father’s death — and maybe get famous along the way. Inside newsrooms and investigative bodies around the world, Mr. Broeksmit’s documents have become something of an open secret, and so are the psychological strings that come attached. I pulled them more than anyone, as part of my reporting on Deutsche Bank for The New York Times and for a book, Dark Towers, published next year. It has been the most intense source relationship of my career... " --David Enrich, October 2019--

Unsurprisingly, the sociopath and pathological liar occupying our White House has told our  Supreme Court, such as it is, that he has an absolute right to ignore congressional subpoenas for Deutsche Bank documents. The Court is cogitating the crazy case!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

A Wacky Wake And Prayer for the Republican Party Updated

A Wacky Wake And Prayer for the Republican Party

UPDATED 06/02/2020:

...A Wacky Walk And Prayer...

...fortunately, the novice effort by the sociopath, pathological liar and propagandist et al. occupying our White House does not match Helene Bertha Amalie (Leni) Riefenstahl's propaganda effort...however, if the Republican Party continues its silent abetting of their nascent authoritarian's (Speaker Pelosi letter demanding information on increased militarization of DC) effort that may change..'s the part just before the C-SPAN video begins...and the "finished propaganda"... the peaceful protester SAG rates as "extras" in a propaganda short?..

President Trump [Wacky] Statement on Senate Acquittal

...the above "wacky wake" follows an appearance at a morning prayer breakfast...the meaning and purpose of his "prayer" is uncertain and unclear...

...if your party's platform requires an ignominious pathological lying sociopath and bulldozer to carry out, your party and platform are not helpful to most, if any of our citizenry...and by extension America...(NYT, On Trump’s To-Do List: Take Back The Suburbs. Court Black Voters. Expand the Electoral Map. Win.)...

...additionally, sorting out fact and fiction of an ignominious pathological lying sociopath is not a "growth" activity although it is very "disruptive"...

...don't forget to laugh...TheOnion, Trump Spends National Prayer Breakfast Attacking God For Allowing Impeachment To Ever Happen and Rush Limbaugh Admits Presidential Medal Of Freedom Less Of An Honor Knowing That Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou Also Received It and Senate Republicans Say One Mistake Should Not Ruin The Life Of A Naive, Promising Young Man Like Trump and Justice Roberts Sternly Admonishes Impeachment Participants To Remember They’re At Complete Farce Of A Trial and Trump Makes Powerful Pro-Life Case By Speaking About The Joys Of Neglecting A Child and Report: The Nation Has Healed And It’s Time To Rejoice!