Saturday, June 22, 2024

Those Tempted To Conclude That Our Nation

Those tempted to conclude that our nation is experiencing "unprecedented" levels of political lunacy may want to revisit the several decades that ended our twentieth century.

...what is likely to be significantly different, however, is that those deploying such political lunacy will discover they've lost control of both the lunatics and lunacy (see the first presidential debate of 2024) reminds one of a paraphrase often attributed to Nixon: those following the rule that the "ends justify the means" often discover that their "means is the end."

...stated differently, the Republican Party (corrupt and dishonest) must immediately dissolve and replace itself if it's going to function as a credible counterbalance to the Democratic Party (old and confused) and thereby strengthen our democracy.


AP, GOP Targets a Biden Executive Order [EO 14019on Voter Registration Ahead of the Fall Election

EO 14019 should have been published decades ago and promulgated annually thereafter, funded by the Defense and SNAP budgets in alternating years. 

UPI, Sen. Bob Menendez says he won't resign after federal indictment [Whether the accused senator steps down is irrelevant because he confuses his right to be considered innocent with a nonexistent right to continue serving in the Senate. The senior United States senator from New Jersey must be immediately expelled from office, and the Democratic party must take all appropriate actions required to ensure that happens.]

APNews, Republican Texas AG Ken Paxton is acquitted of corruption charges at historic impeachment trial [This ominous warning has already been broadcast twice at the federal level; now the same warning has been broadcast at the state level!

There is nothing political about these warnings; when your existing political system is conducting repeated oscillating impeachment-aquital proceedings, your nation has no functioning political system.

Dissolution and replacement of the non-existing political system is the necessary and sufficient electoral response; fault, blame, origin of the problem, negotiating strategy, who's responsible for the dysfunction, who's strongest, which party is dissolved and replaced first or second, etc. is all irrelevant.]

APNews, GOP threat to impeach a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice is driven by fear of losing legislative edge [i.e. The recently elected justice may provide a majority that requires the GOP to draw and use fair electoral district maps.]

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